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 The Insight/MIP (Minor in Possession) program is a three-level alcohol & drug assistance and intervention program open to all MSU students, either by self-referral or by referral from MSU offices, departments or the local court system. 

MSU is dedicated to providing a voluntary, confidential resource to assist all students who are impacted directly or indirectly by Chemical abuse. Confidentiality is assured in all student issues. The office provides referral, pre-assessment support, which promotes the legal, healthy and low-risk use of alcohol and the non-use of illicit drugs.

The center:

  • Promotes and supports alternative student programs and activities
  • Offers referral assistance to students and their friends who have alcohol and other drug use issues.
  • Offers workshops, seminars and training.
  • Gives support to friends and family who are affected by someone else's substance use/abuse.
  • Supports other MSU offices, faculty and staff in issues relating to alcohol/drugs.
  • Provides factual information and dispels myths about alcohol and other drugs.
  • Disseminates information on local treatment and recovery program options.
  • Provides information, support and referral for those students affected by behavioral compulsions and for students who are/were affected by chemical abuse within a family.

Family Assistance

MSU's Alcohol and Drug Assistance Center offers limited family counseling and referral. Our Licensed Counselor will meet and consult with family or friends of students on a limited basis in order to discuss options and offer support. We can also offer possible treatment referrals.

Intervention Process

The Insight program is a three level alcohol\drug intervention process open to all MSU students either by self-referral or by referral from MSU offices or staff.

Level I Focus Seminar
The Focus Seminar is a 1-time educational group run by graduate student facilitators, designed to be interactive and informational. During the 4-hour class, skill-based educational components are used to help participants minimize the risks associated with substance use. Seminar participants are offered further information about support groups, therapy groups and individual counseling. The cost of attendance is free for self-referrals or will cost $100 for mandatory referrals.

BASICS is an acronym for Brief Alcohol Screening and Interventions for College Students. This is an evidence-based program utilizing a motivational interviewing style to increase students own interest in reducing the harm and negative consequences associated with substance abuse. This 4-hour program includes the following:

  • Completion of written alcohol/drug assessments
  • A 1-hour interview to gather data, followed by a 1-hour personalized feedback with a trained professional
  • A personalized feedback sheet, including information on blood alcohol concentration, social norms and risk factors associated with alcohol and other drug use.

BASICS is also free for self-referral; a fee of $125 will be charged for mandatory participation due to a campus policy violation or court referral.

Level III Intervention and Referral
At Level III, students are referred to Alcohol and Drug Services of Gallatin County (or the private practitioner of their choice) for a full Chemical Dependency Evaluation. The student is then required to comply with the recommendations of the evaluation. The cost of Level III is $125 + the cost of the evaluation and cost of any recommended treatment.

Individual Assistance

Montana State University employs a full-time licensed counselor to work specifically with substance abuse issues (this individual is a licensed clinical counselor, as well as a licensed addiction counselor). If students have paid the health service fee, they can make an appointment at no additional charge.

Other than the licensed counselor, the Insight office staff includes an MIP Case Coordinator (also a licensed counselor) and two graduate student employees. Graduate students facilitate the Level I Focus Seminars; the counselor conducts the BASICS program and oversees the Levels III interventions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I just got my letter from J-Board that says I must attend Insight. How do I sign-up?

  1. Stop by the Insight Office (1215 Gopher Court), fill out the necessary paperwork, and sign up for class.
  2. After signing up, go to the Swingle Student Health Service (east side of the Sub), go to the cashier window, and tell them you are paying for the Insight Class.
  3. After paying, just show up for your assigned class. BE SURE YOU GET THERE EARLY. You will not be admitted if you are even a few minutes late.
  4. Congratulations! You are now signed up.

Can't I just call and sign-up?
No. You must follow the steps outlined above.

If I get written up twice in the same day, does it count as one?
Sorry. It counts as two separate incidents. This means you wil have to attend both LEVEL I and LEVEL II of the Insight Program.

What if I am appealing my write-up?
Drop off a document that shows your appeal is in process, or have the Judicial Board mail us a written notice. Either way, it is your responsibility to make sure we are notified.

What if I forget to come into Insight and register?
Don't worry, WE WILL NOT FORGET YOU! The Insight Office will place a friendly hold on your student records. This means you will not be able to do many things, some of which are: add, drop, or sign-up for classes until you remember us.

What happens if I forget to attend the Focus Seminar after I've already signed up?
Because we will have missed you at the Focus Seminar, we will place a hold on your records (same as above) until you come in and re-register (which will cost an additional $25)

How can I avoid all these holds?

  1. Come into the office as soon as you are aware of your sanction.
  2. Pay for and attend the Focus Seminar you are scheduled for.
  3. If you have a problem with the scheduled seminar, stop by or call the office to make different arrangements.

Who else can see my Insight File?

  1. Dean of Students.
  2. Director of Residence Life.
  3. Director of Counseling & Psychological Services.
  4. Director of Student Health.

What if I was written up my freshman year, and I completed the Focus Seminar and I get another write-up 2 years later?
This will be a second write-up and you are now at LEVEL II. You can only do LEVEL I once during your college career (no matter how much you enjoyed it).

If you placed a hold on my records, how soon after I attend the Focus Seminar will it be removed?
Generally, the holds are removed the morning following the attended Focus Seminar.

Why does it cost $100.00?
Choose any of the following:

  • We want all your beer money for the week.
  • We need to cover the cost of running the office and materials.
  • This is pretty much the standard cost for these types of programs - and we want to be sure we can keep the MSU option available since the alternative would be sending folks to the community program (which is less convenient) - we think you'll like us better!

Can I use the Insight Program to cover my obligations for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) class?
No. But thanks for thinking of us

If I took ACT classes for another offense does that mean I don't need to take the seminar?
No, you may not use a previous course for a current citation.

Can I take the INSIGHT Focus Seminar for an MIP (Minor in Possession) received off campus?
Yes. The folks at Insight have worked out a deal with the city of Bozeman and Gallatin County. You have the option of taking the mandatory 4-hour class with the Adolescent Resource Center (the county program) or with us here at Insight. The county usually offers the class in two, 2-hour segments (generally during the day), which is not terribly convenient for college students. We give you the opportunity to get this taken care of with just one evening class, which usually won't interfere with your class schedule.

Is there any difference between an off-campus MIP and an on-campus MIP?
Yes. The off-campus MIP involves state fines, community service fees, a 1-hour MIP impact panel, plus the 4-hour educational class. You will have to deal with the justice system in managing these sanctions. Fortunately, we have our own MIP Coordinator to assist you in the process. This person will also contact the court for you upon completion of the class. An on-campus alcohol or drug violation typically requires attendance at either Level I or II (4-hour educational seminar or BASICS).

What if I get an MIP in another town on Montana or out of state?
We have worked with courts from many communities in Montana and quite a few states. Ask your sentencing judge if you can use the Insight class to meet the educational requirement. We have found that in most cases they are willing to give you this option. Our MIP Coordinator will be able to help you with this and will contact the court in the other town once you've completed the class.

If I get an MIP and complete your program and then get an MIP in residence life, do I just take the class again?
Nope. As stated above, you only get to take our class once. A second MIP, whether from residence life, the dean of students or the city will bump you up to Level II (BASICS).

Free, Anonymous Online Screening

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