Since President Cruzado's inauguration speech in September of 2010, the four campuses of Montana State University have embarked on a journey to implement the vision of OneMSU--a single organization operating in four locations. The OneMSU vision and the initiatives implementing that vision have generated cultural changes and specific improvements to the student experience as well as internal organizational improvements.

Cultural changes are evidenced in examples of "good institutional behavior" described on the Integrated Culture page along with the integration activities of the past that continue to this day.

Improvements to student experience include advisory dashboards and easier inter-campus transfer procedures as well as scholarships awarded equitably across campuses and better student understanding of the process. Organizational improvements include inter-campus and intra-campus collaboration and multi-campus team projects. Past integration accomplishments can be viewed on the MSUii Program Accomplishments page while pending integration accomplishments can be viewed on the MSUii Pipeline Projects page.

A summary of the outcomes and activities of the MSU Integration Initiative can be accessed through the MSUii Program link on the Accomplishments menu.