Integrated Culture

The President's OneMSU vision calls the campuses to work together across boundaries, to collaborate and leverage efforts for greater efficiency. In many ways the campuses have worked together in the past and continue to find new ways to support each other and improve our efficiency. The following integrated activities are evidence of the four-campus mindset at MSU.

Activity Description
Identity Theft Prevention Program

A four-campus workgroup developed a single Identity Theft Prevention Program to be used by all of MSU's campuses. This program will help protect the institution's students, faculty and staff from fraud committed through identity theft. The workgroup will also develop training materials to assist campus units in developing procedures to identify, detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft. Implementation of the Identity Theft Prevention Program ensures compliance with the Federal Trade Commission's Red Flags Rule regulation.

Team: Daniel Adams, Ed Binkley, Adam Edelman, Debra Felkey, Bonnie Holden, Laura Humberger, Clarinda Marcoff, Pam Merrell, Jim Mitchell, Jim Nielsen, Sue Ost, Jo Packham, Brandi Payne, Tom Stump, Monika Wigert

Security Operations Team

The four-campus Security Operations Team comprised of IT practitioners responsible for technical support, server and or network administration in their respective areas meets regularly to discuss current threats, new and on-going vulnerabilities, and mitigation techniques. Members of the Security Operations Team often collaborate on projects involving the development of information security procedures as well as the sharing of expertise and techniques across the MSU Enterprise.

Team: Rich Shattuck (Chair), Adam Edelman, Brad Garnick, Bob Underkofler, Bruce Raymond, Christy Cousino, Cherie Eck, Chris Huvaere, Daniel Adams, David Councill, Dan House, Dan Marsh, Erik Guss, Ernie Visser, Gary Bummer, Brandon Hardin, Marianne Hoppe, Ila Saunders, Jay Van Voast, Jeremy Hendricks, Jeremy Gay, Jacob Hahn, John Watters, Josh Winterrowd, Justin van Almelo, Lisa Bogar, Michael Barber, Martin Bourque, Mari Jaynes, Matt Rognlie, Nick Johnson, Nic Richardson, Nick Zelver, Pete Masse, Paul Hoglund, Renee Sallese, Bob Friedrich, Rocky Ross, Richard Wolff, Sandra Rahn-Gibson, Sheila Chaney, Suzanne Lassacher, Tom Morrison, Willie McGee

Security Committee

A high-level four-campus committe comprised of faculty and staff representing a cross-section of the MSU Enterprise meets bi-monthly and as needed to discuss the general state of information security, identification and development of information security policy, guidance for the more hands-on Security Operations Team, and advisory activities to university governance committees.

Team: Adam Edelman (Chair), Daniel Adams, Michael Barber, Harry Benham, Terry Beaubois, Ken Bowers, Rock Brown, David Court, Glenn Puffer, Ken Wardinsky, Nick Zelver

HR Harassment Prevention Training

Bozeman's Affirmative Action office worked with the IT Center and University Communications to make sure the online Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training program would be developed and deployed for all four campuses. The training is expected to be taken by all faculty and staff members to ensure that MSU is fulfilling its responsibility to educate staff and faculty on the importance of non-discrimination and the prevention of harassment in the work environment and classroom. Creating an online-delivered, four-campus solution meets the obligations of the university and the State of Montana cost-effectively.

Team: Diane Letendre, Janell Barber, Theresa Marchwick, Jake Dolan, Paul Lambeth, Tom Hoffman

Institutional Research Collaborative Workgroup

MSU's Institutional Research offices created a four-campus workgroup, including the Commissioner's Office, to develop and deliver reports and responses to institutional research questions. The initial product of this group will be a single format report containing comparable information on students and employees at each campus and combined across the MSU system in an easy to read, easy to find website.

Team: Michael Barber, Wendy Dove, Terry Dysart, Chris Fastnow, Jim Rimpau, Bob Snyder, Tyler Trevor, Linda Wham

Server-based Data Backup Purchase Agreement

Bozeman's Computer Store worked with Billings' Information Technology department to make sure that a new purchase agreement for data backup software was set up to accommodate participation by all campuses should the need arise. University-wide purchasing agreements give the university better leverage with vendors and result in more cost-effective use of taxpayer funds with less duplication of effort.

Team: Kevin Thane, Bozeman Computer Store Supervisor and Michael Barber, Billings CIO

Volume Discount Computer Purchasing

The IT Center Computer Store on the Bozeman campus supports the other campuses by negotiating volume pricing and making the purchasing arrangements on their behalf.

Team: Kevin Thane, store supervisor; Brad Garnick, director; computer store staff, and the CIOs at Billings, Great Falls, and Havre.

Multi-Campus Capital IT Financing Plan

The Capital IT Infrastructure Replacement Plan provides a long-term plan for financing IT purchases of central shared equipment and enterprise software, with an agreed-upon cost-sharing plan among the campuses. The capital plan was recently adapted so that campuses can participate in the fund not only for shared initiatives, but also for campus-specific initiatives.

Team: Michael Barber, JoAnn Christensen, Anne Milkovich, Laura Humberger.