“The One MSU is a big house with many doors to welcome our students and serve our communities.”

—President Cruzado, Inauguration Speech, Sept 2010

MSU President Waded Cruzado

OneMSU is the vision of the future of Montana State University. To meet the challenges of our day we must transform our organization and culture to a new model of integration and collaboration that makes the best use of our most valued resources, our faculty and staff, who serve our students and our land-grant mission.

The MSU Integration Initiative (MSUii) undertook the effort to integrate and streamline operations across the four campuses of MSU. The initiative successfully ingrained four-campus thinking into the culture of the organization and has transitioned into permanent operations. For program accomplishments and evidence of the integrated culture refer to the links under the Accomplishments menu. A current list of enterprise-wide projects is maintained at the Enterprise Portfolio page