Board of RegentsMus Strategic Plan

Through the MUS Strategic Plan, the Board of Regents has set forth strategic directions aimed at increasing student access and success, as well as efficiency and effectiveness throughout the Montana University System. These goals and directives serve as guideposts for the MSU Integration Initiative (MSUii). The following sections of the MUS Strategic Plan specifically relate to the MSUii:

Goal 1: Access & Affordability

Increase the overall educational attainment of Montanans through increased participation, retention and completion rates in the Montana University System.

Goal 3: Efficiency & Effectiveness

Improve institutional and system efficiency and effectiveness.

MUS Strategic Plan 2011

Success Agenda

In order to increase the overall educational attainment of Montanans and provide an efficient and effective system of higher education, the Board of Regents adopted a Success Agenda to augment the Strategic Plan and help guide the Montana University System.