Ralph Hutcheson, a 1954 MSU mechanical engineering graduate and founder of Scientific Materials Corporation and S2 Corporation, established the "Hutcheson Emerging Fellows Awards." The awards provided students with bachelor degrees in physics and electrical and computer engineering with monies to attend the Science and Engineering Management (PMSEM) online master's degree program.

Two awards were granted, each for $25,000 per year for two years, in Fall 2013. Recipients were also awarded an unpaid internship with a technology company in Bozeman. The internships focused on business systems and marketing and were coordinated through the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC). Awards were contingent upon acceptance of the internship.

The awards are not currently available.

Hutcheson said he believes the technical education afforded to MSU students is high quality and produces outstanding engineers and physicists, but that these students also need access to business and marketing skills to become more valuable employees and further the success of technology companies where they are likely to be employed. Hutcheson added that his primary interest is within the photonics/optics industry, which is in a unique position to assist high quality students meet the growing business needs of their employers.

PMSEM is grateful for the generous gift of Ralph Hutcheson.

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