Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Kerins, Frank Chair Faculty 1 6/14
Brekke, Ron Member* Classified/Union 2 6/12
Hapner, Ken Member* Retired Faculty 2 6/14
Heard, Julie Member Classified/No Union P 6/13
Marx, Kerri Member Classified/Union Exempt 1 6/16
Stoddard, Chris Member Faculty P 6/14
Tanner, Kathryn Member Professional 2 6/12
Alt, Susan Ex officio* Employee & Labor Relations - ----
Buss, Lisa Ex officio HR/PP - ----
Underkofler, Laura Ex officio HR/PP - ----
McKenzie, Robert Ex officio Employee Wellness - ----
Mitchell, James P Ex officio Student Health Services - ----
Packham, Jo Ex officio HR - ----
Wheeler, Barbara K Ex officio Employee Wellness - ----
Young, Doug Ex officio Past Chair - ----


Represent the collective interests of all MSU employees and retirees concerning the various group benefits that are available to them; serve as a source of information for, and input from, MSU employees and retirees concerning these benefits; advise the MSU voting members of the MUS IUBC (Inter-unit Benefits Committee) on all matters relating to these benefits; and represent MSU on the Montana University System Inter-Unit Benefit Committee.


8:00 a.m. on the first Thursday of the month.


*Inter-Units Benefits Committee member.

Voting Members: Two faculty, three classified employees, one professional employee, and one retiree. An * indicates a voting member of the Montana University System Inter-Unit Benefits Committee.

Nonvoting Ex Officio Members: Director, HR/PP; Director, Employee Wellness; Physician, Employee Wellness; Director, Student Health Services; Benefits Manager; HR/PP representatives; Past Chairperson; Choices Newsletter Editor.

Length of Term

Members serve staggered, three year terms, which can be extended for one reappointment.

Appointed By

President appoints faculty from nominations submitted by Faculty Senate, classified employees from nominations submitted by Staff Senate, professional employee from nominations submitted by Professional Council, and retiree from nominations submitted by the MSU Benefits Committee.


Appointed By--President appoints a member from University Governance Council nominees.

Length of Term--Three years

Advisory To

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Reports Due

Minutes and periodic memos to Vice President for Administration and Finance