Name Position Represents
Copie', Valerie Chair Biosafety Committee
Bachar, Laurie Member Other (Occupational Health)
Giroux, Michael Member Plant Expert
Kelsey, Karen Member Lab Representative
Lindstrom, Jo-An Member Voting Contact, BSO
McDaniel, Bryan Member Non-Affiliated
O'Rourke, Christine Member Animal Expert
Sward, Sandra Member Other (Sponsored Program compliance)
Teintze, Martin Member Other (Biochemist)
Voyich-Kane, Jovanka Member Other (Microbiologist)
Wiedenheft, Blake Member Other (rDNA)
Winton, Mark Member Non-Affiliated


Review and monitor all research and teaching activities involving infectious agents, hazardous chemicals, recombinant DNA, and genetically altered organisms and agents, and maintain an inventory of individuals using any of these agents. Suspend any activity not being conducted in accordance with the provisions of existing laws and guidelines. Supervise the annual inspection of HEPA filtered devices on campus. For more information, please see the Biosafety Committee home page.


As required.


Voting Members: At least five individuals who collectively have experience and expertise in recombinant DNA technology and the capability to assess the safety of recombinant DNA research experiments and any potential risk to the environment or public health. At least two of the members shall not be affiliated with MSU and shall represent the interests of the community and environment. Other members are chosen on the basis of their experience in the areas of infectious agents, genetically altered organisms and viruses, and hazardous chemicals.

Length of Term

Term of office.

Appointed By

Director of the Office of Research Compliance


Current--Dr. Valerie Copie'

Title--Associate Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry

Appointed By--Director of the Office of Research Compliance

Length of Term--Position Term

Advisory To

Director of the Office of Research Compliance