Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Catlett, Chris Chair Dir., Division Planning & Coordination -- ----
Adams, Jeff Ex Officio CAO -- ----
Ashley, Bonnie Ex Officio Registrar's Office -- ----
Burk, Steve Ex Officio Admissions -- ----
Crow, Sheila Ex Officio Residence Life -- ----
Johannes, Cheri Ex Officio Student Affairs -- ----
Kayser, Jen Ex Officio Admissions -- ----
Kurtenbach, Ken Ex Officio OSP -- ----
Morrison, Tom Ex Officio ITC -- ----
Oudshoorn, Jo Ex Officio Interim, Asst VP of Human Resources -- ----
Puffer, Glenn Ex Officio Student Affairs -- ----
Rahn-Gibson, Sandra Ex Officio Extension Service -- ----
Roche, Carolyn Ex Officio Research -- ----
Stahly, Tisha Ex Officio MAES -- ----
Barber, Michael Ex Officio MSU-Billings CIO -- ----
Iverson, Terri Ex Officio MSU-Billings CAO -- ----
Campbell, Mike Ex Officio MSU Northern CIO -- ----
Jamruszka, Steve Ex Officio MSU Northern CAO -- ----
Ost, Sue Ex Officio MSU Northern CFO -- ----
Binkley, Ed Ex Officio MSU-Great Falls CFO -- ----
Fossen-Wagner, Dena Ex Officio MSU-Great Falls, Registrar's Office -- ----
Hay, Judy Ex Officio MSU Great Falls CAO -- ----
Wardinsky, Ken Ex Officio MSU-Great Falls CIO    
Committee Staff        
Felkey, Deb Secretary MSU -- ----
Court, David   Finance Module MTL -- ----
Lindsay, Paul   HR Module MTL -- ----
DeGraw, Mary   Student Module MTL -- ----
Deaton, Craig   Associate Director of ITC -- ----
DeVore, Victoria   Database Administrator -- ----
Edelman, Adam   Enterprise Security Manager -- ----


  1. Provide advice and guidance for the Module Team Leaders and Centralized Information Systems (CIS) Analysts, for all aspects of the daily operation, maintenance and strategic enhancement of MSU's CIS.
  2. Maintain regular communications with, and ensure the vitality of, the Module Team Leader Committee; the three Finance, HR and Student Module Teams; and, the three Finance, HR and Student Module Advisory Committees.
  3. Provide the ETAP regular reports on the status of CIS operations.
  4. Recommend to the ETAP pertinent policies, major procedures, significant strategic initiatives, and extensive CIS enhancements, for its review and endorsement.




As shown, all voting, ex officio.

Length of Term

Term of Office

Appointed By

  • Chair, Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee.
  • Campus and Agency representatives will be nominated by their respective Executives.


Current--Chris Catlett
Title--Director – Planning & Coordination, Administration & Finance Division
Appointed By-- VP for Administration & Finance
Length of Term--Term of Office

Advisory To

Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee.

Reports Due

  1. Monthly submittal of meeting Agenda and Summary.
  2. Annual submittal of activities report.
  3. Others, at request of Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee