Name Position Represents Term Ends
Lockhart, Marilyn Co Chair/Ex Officio Center for Faculty Excellence - Perm.
Banziger, Walter Co Chair/Ex Officio CPDC - Planning - Perm.
Bryant, Scott Member Faculty - Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship 1 5/18
Thomson, Jennifer Member Faculty - College of Agriculture 1 9/20
Peterson, Sean Member Faculty - Gallatin College 1 10/20
Kevane, Bridget Member Faculty - College of Letters & Science 1 10/19
Maher, Robert Member Faculty - College of Engineering 1 3/21
Freese, Bill Member Faculty - College of Education, Health & Human Development 1 9/20
Scharff, Jane Member Faculty - College of Nursing 1 2/18
Antas, Linda Member Faculty - College of Arts & Architecture 1 1/18
Regan, Matthew Member Faculty- Library 1 9/20
Jones, Bradley Member ASMSU/Student 1 5/18
Lei, Alex Member ASMSU/Student 1 5/18 
Rehal, Surnip Member ASMSU/Student 1 5/18
Campeau, Tony Ex Officio Registrar - Perm.
Hook, EJ Ex Officio FS - Environmental Services - Perm.
O'Toole, Loras Ex Officio FS - University Engineer - Perm.
Obbink, Kim Ex Officio Academic Technology and Outreach - Perm.
Haderlie, Brad Ex Officio UIT - AV - Perm.
Smith, Colin Ex Officio UIT- AV - Perm.
Hamburg, Keith Ex Officio Disability, Re-entry, & Veteran Services - Perm.
Stephens, Randy Ex Officio CPDC - University Architect - Perm.
Downs, Alisha Ex Officio Registrar - ---
Silvestri, Ken Ex Officio Center for Faculty Excellence - --- 
Graff, Madison Ex Officio** CPDC - Staff Support - ---
Schroeder, Leslie Ex Officio** CPDC- Staff Support  ---

Clerical/support services provided by CPDC
**Non-Voting Member

Classrooms and Learning Spaces Collaboration Link
Registrar Classroom Renovation Priorities
MSU Classroom Design Guide


The Classroom Committee is a standing committee of the University Facilities Planning Board and the activities of the Committee include:

  • Review annual classroom utilization statistics (including Registrar classrooms as well as departmental classrooms).
  • Evaluates long and short-term impacts of adding classrooms or changing existing classrooms to non-classroom functions for designated Registrar classrooms and/or departmental classrooms.
  • Review and analyze classroom sizes and make recommendations as to future campus needs.
  • Conduct condition assessments of campus classroom facilities.
  • Provide oversight and recommendations of the classroom upgrades/maintenance needs on the campus. Assist in the development of systematic long range plans to prioritize and implement facility renovations, upgrades, and technology improvements.
  • Develop and recommend classroom technology levels.
  • Develop and recommend campus classroom design and construction standards which include but are not limited to, finishes, furnishings, ADA requirements and recommendation, etc.
  • Consult with various constituents regarding classrooms (for example, Registrar Office staff, Facilities Services custodial and maintenance staff, Campus Planning Design and Construction departmental staff, faculty, students and branch campus staff and faculty as appropriate).
  • Consult with and report to UFPB, the Provost, President's Executive Council and/or Budget Council as needed. 
  • Report our work and successes to key constituents such as faculty, students, administrators, and other committees in a variety of ways.

Member Responsibilities

Committee members are selected on the basis of one or more of the following: a) the Specific responsibilities related to their position (ex officio); b) their particular expertise, knowledge or interest relating to the responsibilities of the committee and/or the campus in general; or, c) to represent the interests of a particular constituent group.

In recognition of the importance of MSU's commitment to Shared Governance, MSU's dynamic participative governance processes actively solicit input, advice and perspective from all campus constituencies to inform the institution's administrative leadership regarding campus issues, policies, procedures that impact the direction of the institution. Therefore, in addition to the active participation in committee activities by each member, the responsibilities of committee members who represent a constituent group, and particularly those who represent an MSU governance body (e.g., Faculty Senate, Professional Council, Staff Senate, ASMSU), include regular, timely reports to their governance body and dissemination of appropriate and relevant information to their constituents, as well as reciprocal solicitation of constituent group input regarding issues before for the Committee.

The committee is comprised of members that represent the campus constituency, including ex official members, and representation from the greater university community. Official committee activities requires a quorum of 2/3 of the current membership, including proxies.

Appointed Members:

The College Dean shall appoint a Faculty Member to the Classroom Committee at the request of the Committee.

Ex Officio Members:

The Ex Officio members may choose to designate a regular representative to attend in their stead and exercise voting rights; however, the Ex Officio member may choose to attend any meeting in place of their designee, and may exercise their voting right. Each member shall have only one regular vote (i.e. by either ex officio or designee).


Monthly and as necessary to conduct the business of the Committee.

Length of Term

Appointed members serve a three-year term, with no limit to the number of terms. (Terms for ASMSU representation will accommodate ASMSU practices).

Committee Co-Chairs

Current - Marilyn Lockhart
Title - Center for Faculty Excellence

Current - Walter Banziger
Title - Director Campus Planning, Design & Construction

Appointed by Position
Length of Term - term of office

Advisory To

University Facilities Planning Board

Required Reports

Semi annual activity report to UFPB; Bi-annual recommendation report to coincide with development of LRBP program; others requested.

Membership; Updated March 1, 2018