Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Leist, Terry Chair Iterim, Vice President, Administration and Fin. -- ----
Packham, Jo Vice Chair Asst VP HR (Interim) -- ----
Fraser, Pam Secretary Information Technology Center -- ---
Barber, Michael Ex Officio CIO MSU-Billings -- ----
Boyd, Ritchie Ex Officio Provost -- ----
Brown, Rock Ex Officio CIO MSU-Northern -- ----
Catlett, Chris Ex Officio Director of Division Planning & Info Systems -- ----
Deaton, S Craig Ex Officio ITC -- ----
Edelman, Adam Ex Officio Chair, Security Committee -- ----
Garnick, Bradley E Ex Officio Chair, Service Providers Committee -- ----
Jacobs, Gwen Ex Officio   -- ----
Milkovich, Anne Ex Officio ITC -- ----
Morrison, Tom Ex Officio Asst. Dir., Network Sys. And Operations -- ----
Pasque, Michael Ex Officio ASMSU Pro Temp -- ---
Puffer, Glen Ex Officio Student Affairs & Dean of Students -- ----
Rimpau, Jim Ex Officio VP Planning & CIO -- ----
Schmidt, Leslie Lee Ex Officio Asst. VP for Research -- ----
Veltkamp, Millie Ex Officio ITC, Extension Service -- ----
Wardinski, Ken Ex Officio CTO, MSU-Great Falls -- ----



  1. Provide advice and guidance for ITC, and the ETAC subcommittees, for the general operation, maintenance and strategic enhancement of the University’s broad scope of Enterprise-Level, support service, information technologies.
  1. Provide the ITGC regular reports on the status of all ETAC operations.
  1. Recommend to the ITGC major policies, procedures, strategic initiatives, and extensive enhancements for its review and endorsement.




As shown, all voting, ex-officio.

Length of Term

Term of Office

Appointed By

  • Chair, Information Technology Governance Committee.
  • Campus and Agency representatives nominated by respective members of the Centralized
  • Information System Management Committee (CISMC)



Current--Terry Leist

Title--Interim, Vice President for Administration & Finance

Appointed By--President

Length of Term--Term of Office


Advisory To

Information Technology Governance Committee.


Reports Due

At request of Information Technology Governance Committee.