Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Babcock, Michael Member Chair 1 9/18
Richards, Abigail Member Chair-elect 1 9/18
Ragain, Melissa Member AR/Art 1 9/20
Anderson, Christina Z. Member AR/Film and Photography P 9/18
Anderson, Ryan Member EN/Chem Engr 1 9/19
Arnold, Shannon Member AG/Ed P 9/17
Austin, Eric Member LS/Political Science 1 9/19
Belasco, Eric Member AG/Ag Econ 1 9/19
Berry, Michael Member EN/Civil Engr 1 9/19
Bolte, Jason Member AR/Music 2 9/19
Dana, Susan Member Business 1 9/20
Brody, Michael Member ED/Education 1 9/19
Haynes, George Member Extension/On Campus    
Mukhopadhyay, Jaya
Member AR/Architecture 1 9/20
Copie, Valerie Member LS/Chemistry and Biochemistry 1 9/19
Creel, Scott Member LS/Ecology 1 9/19
Eggert, Norm Member Emeritus Faculty 1 9/17
Ewing, Stephanie Member AG/Land Resources 1 9/19
Gedeon, Tomas Member LS/Math Sciences 1 9/19
Haggerty, Julia Member LS/Earth Sciences P 9/18
Herman, Matthew Member LS/Native American Studies 2 9/19
Slye, Teresa Member Gallatin College 2 9/17
Hughes,Thomas Member LS/Cell Bio & Neuroscience 1 9/18
Izurieta, Clemente Member EN/Computer Science  1  9/20
Jha, Prashant Member AG/Research Centers 1 9/18
Koltz, Rebecca Member HHD/ Health & Human Dev Pd 9/17
Osborne, Sandy Member HHD/Health & Human Dev    
Larson, Robb Member EN/Mech & Ind Engr 2 9/18
Lu, Chaofu Member AG/Plant Sciences 1 9/17
Kosto, Allison Member Extension/Off Campus 1 9/17
Martin, James Member LS/Modern Languages 2 9/18
Yeoman, Carl Member AG/Animal Range 1 9/17
Rebane, Aleks Member LS/Physics 1 9/19
Meyer, James Member LS/History & Phil P 9/17
Repasky, Kevin Member EN/Elec & Comp Eng. 1 9/18
Running, Alice Member Nursing/On Campus P 9/17
Smith, Jessi Member LS/Psychology P 9/17
Sterman, Leila Member Library 1 9/19
Thomas, Amy Member LS/English 9/17
Wiedenheft, Blake Member AG/Micro & Immuno 2 9/18
Yamaguchi, Tomomi Member LS/Sociology & Anthropology 1 9/19
Vacant Member NTT    
Ruff, Julie Member Nursing, Off Campus    
Adams, Edward Alternate EN/Civil Engr 1 9/19
Amendola, Roberta Alternate EN/Mech & Ind Engr P 9/18
Babbitt, Randy Alternate LS/Physics 1 9/19
Becker, James Alternate EN/Elec & Comp Engr 1 9/17
Bennett, Robert Alternate LS/English 1 9/18
Black, Laura Alternate Business 1 9/17
Dlakic, Mensur Alternate AG/Micro & Immuno 2 9/17
Dratz, Ed Alternate LS/Chemistry and Biochemistry    
Ellis, Colter Alternate LS/Sociology & Anthropology 1 9/28
Engel, Rick Alternate AG/Land Resources 2 9/19
Gannon, Paul Alternate EN/Chem Engr 1 9/19
Geyer, Lukas Alternate LS/Math Sciences 2  9/19
Watson, Bradford  Alternate AR/Architecture 2 9/17
Liu, Jian-yi Alternate LS/Earth Sciences 2 9/17
Merzdorf, Christa Alternate LS/Cell Bio & Neuroscience    9/19
Olson, Bret Alternate AG/Animal & Range 2 9/17
Perry, Dustin Alternate AG/Ag Ed P 9/17
Ricciardelli, Lucia Alternate AR/Film and Photography 1 9/18
Rogers-Stanton, Christine Alternate ED/Education 1 9/19
Stock, Wendy Alternate AG/Ag Econ 1 9/19
Tillack, Peter Alternate LS/Modern Languages    
Reidy, Michael Alternate LS/History & Phil    
Wathen, Cristen Alternate HHD/Health & Hum Dev 1 9/17
Dunbar, Ed Alternate HHD/Halth & Hum Dev    
Yost, Laurel Alternate AR/Music 2 9/19
Young, Scott Alternate Library 1 9/19
Zimpel, James Alternate AR/Art P 9/17
Vacant Alternate AG/Plant Sciences    
Vacant Alternate AG/Research Centers    
Vacant Alternate Emeritus Faculty    
Wittie, Mike Alternate EN/Computer Science  1  9/20
Vacant Alternate LS/Chem & Biochem    
Shanahan, Elizabeth Alternate LS/Political Science  1  9/20
Vacant Alternate LS/Psychology    
Vacant Alternate Extension/On Campus    
Vacant Alternate Extension/Off Campus    
Vacant Alternate LS/Cell Biol & Neurosci    
Vacant Alternate LS/Ecology    
Vacant Alternate LS/Micro & Immuno    
Vacant Alternate LS/Native American Studies    
  Alternate Nursing/On Campus    


Provide a means for faculty and administration to interact and to discuss, formulate, and recommend university policy to the appropriate university authority. The Faculty Senate Constitution describes the powers of the Senate to recommend such policy, always within the constraints of the Montana University System powers as described in the Constitution of the State of Montana. Please see the Faculty Senate By Laws and Constitution.


Meetings will occur every other Wednesday of the month during the academic year and otherwise as called by the Chair. All meetings are conducted according to the MSU policy on open meetings.  The schedule may be viewed by clicking here.   


Voting Members: One member is elected from each academic department by the constituency of the department (or college where further division is not made). One member is elected from the Libraries and one from the Extension Service. The College of Nursing and the Extension Service each elect one additional member to represent the off-campus interests of each of those entities. Election constituencies are established according to Faculty Senate By-Laws.

Nonvoting Ex Officio Member: Administrative Associate of Faculty Senate

Length of Term

Elected members serve three year terms and may be reelected. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms. (See Faculty Senate By-Laws.) P = partial term.

Appointed By

Members are elected by their individual constituencies according to the By-Laws of Faculty Senate.


Current--Michael Babcock

Title--Professor, Psychology

Appointed By--Elected by Faculty Senate membership

Length of Term--One year, from September to September

Advisory To

Administrators of Montana State University-Bozeman

Reports Due

A Chair's report is included in the meeting, and minutes of meetings are found on the Faculty Senate web site

Mechanism for Changing This Information

Changes may be made to committee structure and information only in accordance with Faculty Senate Constitution and By-Laws. Authorization of changes comes only through the Secretary to Faculty Senate with the approval of the current Chair and Chair-Elect of Faculty Senate.