Genetics Minor Steering Committee


Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Blake, Thomas K Chair Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology -- --
Hughes, Thom Member Cell Biology & Neuroscience -- --
Kalinowski, Steve Member Ecology -- --
Mumey, Brendan Marshall Member Computer Science -- --
Schmidt, Edward Member Veterinary Molecular Biology -- --
Starkey, Jean R Member Microbiology -- --
Thomson, Jennifer Member Animal & Range Sciences -- --


Committee members serve as advisors in their respective departments for students interested in pursuing the Genetics Minor. The committee also provides curricular oversight, recommends changes to the curriculum, and is responsible for conducting periodic program review as required.


As required.


One member from each participating department.

Length of Term

Three years, renewable

Appointed By

Heads of participating academic departments.


Current--Thomas Blake

Title--Professor, Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology

Appointed By--Selected by committee.

Length of Term--

Advisory To


Reports Due

As requested.