Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Fox, Carl Chair Graduate Studies - ----
Custer, Stephan G Member Letters & Science 2 6/10
Kaiser, Todd Member Engineering 1 6/10
Peterson, Bob Member Agriculture 1 6/13
Miles, Mary P Member Education & HHD 1 6/10
Peterson Framer, Bonita Member Business 1 6/10
Tobias, Ronald Member Arts and Architecure 1 6/10
Zulkowski, Karen M Member Nursing 3 6/10


Consider graduate students' appeals related to established University academic policies covering, but not limited to, admission, retention, and/or graduation requirements. Appeals of administrative actions of the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and appeals from non-degree students seeking admission to the College of Graduate Studies will also be considered.


As required


Voting Members: One faculty member from each academic college. At the request of a student making an appeal, one graduate student outside the college of the student making the appeal will be appointed by the chair for the duration of that specific appeal.

Voting Ex Officio Member: Dean, Graduate Studies (does not vote in cases of appeal of previous administrative actions of the Dean's office).

Length of Term

Three years

Appointed By

One faculty member is appointed by the dean of each academic college.


Current--Carl Fox

Title--Vice Provost, Graduate Education

Appointed By--Position

Length of Term--Term of office

Advisory To

Dean, Graduate Studies

Reports Due

As requested