Montana State University

Committee on Grievance Hearings


Letiecq, Bethany Chair HHD 1 9/11
Benham, Harry Member Business 1 9/11
Copie, ValerieMemberLetters & Science19/11
Donahue, TimothyMemberLibraries19/11
Durham, Greg Member Business 1 9/12
Eitle, David Member Letters & Science 1 9/13
Engel, Rick Member Agriculture 1 9/15
Heys, Jeff Member Engineering 1 9/13
Johnson, Greg Member Extension On-Campus 1 9/12
Karczewska, Zuzanna Member Arts and Architecture 1 9/12
Kollin, Susan E Member Letters & Science 1 9/11
Lachapelle, Paul Member Extension On-Campus 1 9/11
Larson, Robb E Member Engineering 2 9/12
Leonard, Mary Member Education & HHD 1 9/12
Letiecq, Bethany Member Education & HHD 1 9/11
Marlow, Clayton Member Agriculture 1 9/13
Mast, Sara Member Arts and Architecture 1 9/13
Mastiel, Tara Member Extension-Off Campus 1 9/11
Myers, Carrie Members Education & HHD 1 9/11
Pearcy. Jason Member Agriculture 1 9/17
Perkins, Steve Member Engineering 1 9/13
Sieloff, Christina Member Nursing 1 9/11
Stillwell, Cynthia J Member Arts & Architecture 1 9/11
[Vacant] Member Nursing 1 9/12


Conducts formal grievance hearings, usually after the conciliation process has taken place; makes recommendations to the President regarding formal grievances.


As required


Voting Members: Three tenurable faculty from each college with more than 20 tenurable faculty; one tenurable faculty from each college with fewer than 20 tenurable faculty or fewer than 20 tenurable faculty resident at the Bozeman campus.

Nonvoting Members: Chair.

Length of Term

Three years; no member shall serve more than two consecutive three year terms. "P" is a partial term.

Appointed By

Members are elected by the colleges


Current-- Dr. Bethany Letiecq
Title-- Assistant Professor, Health & Human Development
Appointed By--Faculty Senate election from among the members who have served a minimum of two years on the committee.
Length of Term--One year, with no more than two consecutive one year terms.

Advisory To


Reports Due

After each hearing, the findings of fact and recommendation of the committee, including a statement of reasons, is written based solely on the evidence presented at the hearing and forwarded to the President.

Membership; Updated May 31, 2011