Montana State University

Honorary Degree Committee


Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Kevane, Bridget Chair Letters & Science 1 6/15
Bowman, JaniceMemberAgriculture 1 6/16
Hill, Wade G MemberNursing 3 6/15
Kroff, Michael MemberBusiness 3 6/15
Lewandowski, Zbigniew Member Engineering 1 12/17
Lockhart, Marilyn Member Education & HHD 1 6/16
Sundaram, Anjali Member Arts & Architecture 1 6/15


Solicit and review nominations for the award of Honorary Doctorate degree, and submit recommendations of meritorious candidates for the consideration of the general faculty. No degree will be awarded without a favorable vote by the voting general faculty.


Fall, as required


Voting Members: One faculty member from each of the seven instructional colleges.

Length of Term

Faculty members serve three year, staggered terms

Appointed By

President, from nominations submitted by the Dean of each college, and approved by Faculty Council.


Current--Bridget Kevane
Title--Professor, Modern Languages and Literature
Appointed By--President
Length of Term--Three years, renewable

Advisory To


Reports Due

Recommendations are due by the end of December.

Membership; Updated December 5, 2014