International Program Committee

Internationalization Laboratory Committee


Name Position Represents
Marley, Robert Co-Chair Dean of Engineering
Giusti, Ada Co-Chair Modern Languages and Literature Department
Duker, Troy Member ASMSU
Fox, Carl Member The Graduate School
Frick, Marty Member College of Agriculture
Ingraham, Patricia Member College of EHHD
Kevane, Bridget Member College of Letters and Sciences
Kinion, Elizabeth Member College of Nursing
Lachappelle, Paul Member Political Science Department
Leary, Myleen Member College of Business
Rimpau, Jim Member VP for Student Success
Skidmore, Mark Member Earth Sciences Department
Singel, David Member Associate Provost
Stoy, Paul Member Land Resources and Environmental Sciences Department
Benne, Susan Ex Officio Office of International Programs
Combs, Diedre Ex Officio Office of International Programs
DeBode, Debra Ex Officio Office of International Programs
Peterson, Norm Ex Officio Office of International Programs
Rasmussen, Janelle Ex Officio Office of International Programs
Rudman, Yvonne Ex Officio Office of International Programs


The Committee serves in an advisory capacity to develop international programs, international university partnerships, and international content in the curriculum and opportunities for faculty to enhance their international expertise. The committee also provides advocacy to enhance movement toward the internationalization of MSU. The committee helps to disseminate information about international issues across campus.


As scheduled


Length of Term

One year, renewable

Appointed By

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs


Current Co-Chair--Robert Marley
Title--Dean of Engineering
Appointed By--Provost

Current Co-Chair--Ada Giusti
Title--Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Appointed By--Provost

Advisory To

International Programs
Provost's Office

Reports Due

As requested