MSU Committees

All information presented here comes from a database of campus-wide committees maintained by the Office of Planning and Analysis. The database includes faculty and staff committees with an institutional focus; it does not include student committees, college committees, or departmental committees. A council participates in governance, acommittee has an ongoing advisory function, a board has a decision-making function, and a task force has a specific charge to accomplish in a specified amount of time.

Please report errors, corrections, or additions via e-mail to or call Planning and Analysis at 994-1649.


Academic Advising Council
Americans with Disabilities Act Facilities Advisory Committee
Campus Sustainability Advisory Council
Classroom Committee
Facilities Advisory Committee
Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee
Planning Council
Public Art Committee
Space Management Committee
University Facilities Planning Board
University Council
Budget Council
Deans' Council
IT Council
Outreach & Engagement Council
Planning Council
Research Council
Academic Affairs Committee of Faculty Senate
Assistant Deans' Council
Staff Senate
Faculty Affairs Committee
Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate Nominating Committee
Graduate Council
President's Executive Council
Professional Council
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Biosafety Committee
Institutional Review Board
Radiation Safety Committee
Research Compliance Committee
Environmental Health and Safety Committee
Athletics Committee
Library Committee
MSU Benefits Committee
University Promotion and Tenure Committee
Web Advisory Committee