Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Cherry, David Chair Letters 16 6/12
Christopher, John Member Education, HHD 1 6/12
Coletta, Sarah Member Graduate Student 1 6/12
Dickensheets, David Member Engineering 4 6/12
Dodd, Nancy Member Business 1 6/12
Fitzgerald, Tim Member Agriculture 1 6/12
Jacobs, Gwen A Member Science 3 6/12
Little, Jeannie Member Arts and Architecture 1 6/19
Prawdzienski, Maryann Member Nursing 4 6/14
Vo, Garret Member Undergraduate Student 1 6/10
Miller, Tamara Ex officio Libraries - ----


Recommend policy and programs to improve and maintain the services of the Libraries. Provide advice and counsel on Library related issues.


Four times per year Meeting Times and Minutes.


Voting Members: Eight faculty members, one from each of the seven instructional colleges (including one from Letters and one from Science); two students, one graduate and one undergraduate.

Ex Officio Members: Dean of Libraries

Length of Term

Two year, renewable

Appointed By

Faculty members appointed by Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, from nominations submitted by Academic Deans; undergraduate member appointed by ASMSU; graduate member appointed by Dean of Graduate Studies.


Current--David Cherry

Title--Assistant Professor of History

Appointed By--Committee election

Length of Term--One year

Advisory To

Dean of Libraries; Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Reports Due

As requested