Montana State University

President's Executive Council


Name Position Represents
Cruzado, Waded Chair President
Adams, Daniel Ex officio Institutional Audit & Advisory Services
Bader, Jeff Ex officio External Relations/Extension
Bush, Corky (interim) Ex officio Institutional Equity
Defa, Dennis Ex officio Human Resources
Duff, Glenn Ex officio Agricultural Experiment Station
Edelman, Adam Ex officio Information Technology
Ellig, Tracy Ex officio University Communications
Fastnow, Chris Ex officio Planning and Analysis
Fields, Peter Ex officio Athletics
Leist, Terry Ex officio Admin & Finance
Marley, Robert Ex officio Student Success
Reijo Pera, Renee Ex officio Research
Potvin, Martha Ex officio Academic Affairs
Saylor, Kitty (interim) Ex officio Foundation
Taylor, Leslie C Ex officio Legal Counsel
Hammett, Maggie Staff President's Office


Advise President on university issues.




Voting Ex Officio Members: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Vice President for Research, Creativity and Technology Transfer; Vice President for Administration and Finance; Vice President for Student Success; Director, Legal Counsel; Director, Planning and Analysis; Executive Director, University Communications; Director, Institutional Equity; Director, Agricultural Experiment Station; Chief Information Officer; Chief Human Resources Officer; Director, Athletics; Director, Extension; Director, External Relations; Direcor, Institutional Audit & Advisory Services; Executive Officer; Special Assistant to the President; Support staff person, President's Office.

Length of Term

Term of office

Appointed By



Current-- Waded Cruzado
Title-- President
Appointed By-- Position
Length of Term-- Term of office

Advisory To


Reports Due

As required

Membership; Updated February 25, 2014