Name Position Represents Term# Ends
[Vacant] Chair Faculty - ----
Bruwelheide, Janis Member Faculty 1 6/06
Burke, Maurice Member Faculty 2 6/04
Erickson, Joanne Member Faculty 1 6/08
Ross, Rockford Member Faculty 3 6/06
Mahurin, Rebecca Ex officio TTO - ----
McCoy, Thomas Ex officio Research - ----
Metz, Walter Carl Ex officio Faculty Affairs - ----
Taylor, Leslie Ex officio Legal Counsel - ----



As required. 


Voting members: representatives from faculty and research professional employees with record of accomplishment in creating intellectual property; Non-voting members: Legal Counsel, Faculty Affairs, chair, representatives for office of VP for Research.

Length of Term

Members serve rotating three year terms; may be reappointed for additional term but shall not serve more than two consecutive terms; chair shall serve for one year, but not more than two consecutive terms.

Appointed By

Four voting members shall be elected by Faculty Council; VP for Research and Creativity and Technology Transfer will appoint three voting members; chair shall be elected by voting members of committee.




Appointed By--Committee election.

Length of Term--One year, but not more than two consecutive terms.

Advisory To

Vice President for Research, Creativity and Technology Transfer.

Reports Due

As requested.FY05-06 Membership; Updated January 6, 2006