Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Caires, Matt Chair Dean of Students 1 5/15
Heard, Julia Member Provost's Office 1 2/16
Dysart, Terry Member Planning and Analysis 1 1/16
Hahn, Jacob Member Staff Senate 1 6/16
Bunge, Barb Member VP Research 1 9/17
Kack, David Member Western Transportation Inst. - ----
Knight, Kellie Member Professional Council 1 12/17
Saunders, Chris Member City of Bozeman 2 9/12
Herbeck, Joyce Member Faculty Senate 1 9/18
Cowles, John Member ASMSU 1 9/15
Makin, Bill Member Campus PDC  - ----
Blunck, Kurt Ex officio Parking Services - ----
Lashaway, Bob Ex officio Facilities Services - ----
Vacant Ex officio University Police - ----
Putzke, Robert Ex officio Chief, University Police - ----
York, Brenda Kay Ex officio Disability, Re-entry and Veterans Affairs - ----


Staff Support: 

  • Manage Parking Services
  • Police Administrative Manager

The Parking Services Advisory Committee is a standing sub-committee of the University Facilities Planning Board and the activities of the Committee are divided into two main areas of responsibility as follows:

  1. Business advisory activities for which the Committee is advisory to the AVP University Services and the VP Administration & Finance. The Committee shall review and make recommendations regarding:
    • Establish and maintain Mission Statement and development/Planning Principles
    • Parking Services Business Plan – annual review
    • Annual Parking Facilities Maintenance Plan/funding, including annual condition assessment
    • Long-term Maintenance/Capital Replacement Plan/Funding
    • Parking inventory/distribution
    • Hardware/software, equipment, staffing, etc.
    • Survey customers, constituents and peer institutions and disseminate relevant information.
    • Parking Permit Fee/Fine rates as required to reconcile with the Parking Services Business Plan
    • Present annual report to the VPAF and the President's Executive Council tracking data results and trends.
    • Participate in search and selection of candidates for Manager of Parking Services position.
    • Support, advocate and promote Parking Services to campus and community constituents.
  1. Planning, design and maintenance activities for which the Committee is advisory to the University Facilities Planning Board (UFPB), which include:
    • Determine/collect, analyze, comparative data (survey users/peers; compare perceptions to actual e.g., crime stats; demand vs availability, convenience, etc)
    • Advise UFPB regarding:
      • Issues that represent potential impacts to Parking Services and parking facilities.
      • Advocate support of parking facilities as requiring consideration similar to other existing campus facilities and enterprises in the campus planning processes.
      • Service/access drive use/needs.
      • ADA parking issues.
      • Parking Design Guidelines (including non-motor and alternative vehicles)
      • Parking System/Traffic Demand Management issues
      • University/Public Transit interface issues
    • Maintain periodic consultant review as necessary to plan an effective parking service.
    • Serve as UFPB liaison to campus and community constituents regarding parking issues.
    • Meets monthly – Reports to UFPB quarterly.


Monthly as scheduled by the Committee


The sub-committee is comprised of members appointed by the President from various campus constituencies, a set of ex officio members, and a representative from the City of Bozeman selected by the sub-committee.

Appointed Members: The President appoints the following members, from nominees submitted from their respective organizations, to three (3) year terms, with no limit on the number of terms: Sub-Committee Chairperson; Faculty Council representative; Professional Council representative; Staff Senate representative.

Ex Officio Members: The following university officials are members of the Board and may choose to designate a regular representative to attend in their stead and exercise voting rights. The ex officio member may choose to attend any meeting in place of their designee, and may exercise their own voting right. However, each member shall have only one regular vote. Therefore, if an ex officio member chooses to designate another member as their regular representative, the person so designated shall exercise only the vote of the designator. Ex Officio Members include Provost; ASMSU President; VP Research; VP Student Affairs; Exec Director – Planning & Analysis; Director – Facilities Planning, Design & Construction; Director – University Police.

Non-Voting Ex Officio Members: Manager – Parking Services.

Committee Member's Responsibilities:

Committee members were selected on the basis of the following: a) the specific responsibilities related to their position (Ex Officio); b) their particular expertise or knowledge relating to the responsibilities of the committee or the campus in general; and/or, c) to represent the interests of a particular constituent group.

Committee members representing constituent groups are expected to be an active communication conduit between the Committee and their respective constituents. At a minimum, effective communication includes the regular and timely dissemination of information from this Committee to the constituent group and input from the constituent group to the Committee.

Length of Term

Appointed members serve three year terms, with no limit to the number of terms.

Appointed By

University President


Current-- Matt Caires

Title--Dean of Students

Appointed By--

Length of Term--

Advisory To

  • VP Administration & Finance and AVP University Services for Parking Services Business Activities.
  • University Facilities Planning Board for Parking Planning, Design and Maintenance Activities.

Reports Due

Quarterly activity report to UFPB; annual status report to President's Exec Council; other as requested.