Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Garnick, Bradley, Chair Associate Director Information Technology Center -- ----
Rognlie, Matthew Craig IT Services Coord. College of Agriculture/MAES -- ----
Guss, Erik M Dir., Library Sys. MSU Libraries -- ----
Bummer, Gary T Info Sys. Mgr. College of Letters & Sciences -- ----
Visser, Ernest Jay IT Manager Enginnering & CBE -- ----
Overton, Walter M Info Systems Spec. Office of Facilities Services -- ----
Hyyppa, Eric A IS Manager KUSM -- ----


  1. Provide advice and guidance for ITC in the development and delivery of support resources and services intended to assist departmental IT specialists in fulfilling their responsibilities.
  2. Provide the ETAC regular reports on the status of distributed IT support at MSU.
  3. Recommend to the ETAC pertinent policies, major procedures, significant strategic initiatives, and extensive enhancements, for its review and endorsement. 




As shown, all voting, ex-officio.

Length of Term

Term of Office

Appointed By

Chair, Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee


Current--Brad Garnick

Title--Associate Director, Information Technology Center

Appointed By--Vice President for Administration & Finance

Length of Term--Term of Office

Advisory To

Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee

Reports Due

  1. Monthly submittal of meeting Agenda and Summary.
  2. Annual submittal of activities report.
  3. Others, at request of Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee.