Name Position Represents Term# Ends
McCoy, Thomas J Chair Research, Technology Transfer & Creat. -- ----
Jacobs, Gwen A Vice Chair Cell Biology and Neuroscience -- ----
Fox, Louis Member University of Washington -- ----
Humberger, Laura Member Administration and Finance -- ----
Longcope, Dana Member Physics -- ----
Miller, Tamara Member Library -- ----
Monahan, Susanne C Member Sociology and Anthropology -- ----
Peterson, Mary E Member Museum of the Rockies -- ----
Wolff, Richard Member Electrical and Computer Engineering -- ----
Young, Mark J Member Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology -- ----
Edelman, Adam Ex Officio Security Committee -- ----


UTAC provides advice and policy guidance to the University on information technology planning, services, and investments necessary to sustain and improve the University's excellence, competitiveness, and cost-effectiveness. UTAC maintains a mid-to-long range perspective and facilitates well informed campus communication, participation and dialogue on information technology issues, directions, and strategies vital to the future of the University.


As Needed


All member are voting; ex officio is non-voting.

Length of Term

Term of Office

Appointed By

Executive Director for Planning and Analysis and Chief Information Officer


Current--Dr. Tom McCoy

Title--Vice President, Research, Tech Transfer & Creativity

Appointed By--VP Planning and Chief Information Officer

Length of Term--Term of Office.

Advisory To

Information Technology Governance Council

Reports Due

As requested.