Committee Charge:

On September 18, 2006, a recommendation was made to and endorsed by ATAC and the Provost regarding MSU's Learning Management System (currently WebCT):

Initiate a process, to be completed prior to end of April 2007, to have a group of stakeholders (Faculty, students, registrar, ITC, BTC, representatives from other affected MSU campuses):

  • Review current status of LMS use and procedures at MSU
  • Review MSU's options, licensing costs, estimated Total Cost of Ownership for next generation LMS tool:
    • Upgrade to WebCT CE6
    • Upgrade to WebCT Vista
    • Shift to alternate vendor-supplied solution (Desire2Learn, Angel, eCollege, etc.)
    • Shift to open source solution (Sakai, Moodle)
    • Examine other viable options
  • Make recommendation to campus for
    • Next generation LMS tool
    • Implementation or revision of related business processes and procedures that impact or are impacted by LMS tool.

Meeting Notes