7. Special study options

_ Accelerated program
_ Cooperative (work-study plan) program
_ Cross-registration
X Distance learning
X Double major
_ Dual enrollment
X English as a Second Language (ESL)
X Exchange student program (domestic)
_ External degree program
X Honors program
X Independent study
X Internships
_ Liberal arts/career combination
X Student-designed major
X Study abroad
X Teacher certification program
_ Weekend college
_ Other

Combined bachelor's/graduate programs at your institution:


_ MD

_JD or LLB

(list other combinations)

Combined bachelor's/graduate programs with other institutions (list speicific programs and participating institutions):    


8. Core curriculum:

Must students meet a distribution requirement, general education requirement, or complete a core curriculum prior to graduation?  

 X yes    _ no

9. Areas in which all or most students are required to complete some course work prior to graduation.

X Arts/fine arts
_ Computer literacy
X English (including composition)
_ Foreign languages
_ History
X Humanities
X Mathematics
_ Philosophy/religion
X Science (biological or physical)
X Social science
_ Other (describe:) _______________