Facts and Stats

Provide 1997-98 academic year costs for the following categories that are applicable to your institution.

Tuition: Calculate total based on 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours.

Fees: Include those fees that all students pay, such as student activity, health, or registration fees. Do not include application fees.

Room and board (for on-campus residents): Assume double occupancy in institutional housing and 19 meals per week (or maximum meal plan).

Board: Assume average costs for 19 meals per week or the maximum meal plan.

Books and supplies: Indicate average costs of books and supplies. Do not include unusual costs for special groups of students (e.g., engineering or art majors), unless they constitute the majority of students at your institution.

Transportation: Assume two roundtrips to student's hometown per year for students in institutional housing or daily travel to and from your institution.

Other expenses: Include average costs for clothing, laundry, entertainment, medical (if not a required fee), furnishings.

38. Annual expenses for 1996-97

Undergraduate    First-year
Total tuition and fees for in-state students $2504 same
   Tuition only NA NA
   Required fees only NA NA
Total tuition and fees for out-of-state students $7225 same
Total tuition and fees for out-of-district students $7225 same
Total tuition and fees for foreign students $7375 same
Room and board (on-campus) $4034 same
Room only (on-campus) NA NA
Board only (on-campus meal plan) NA NA
Comprehensive tuition/room/board fee
   (if your college cannot provide
   separate tuition/room/board fees)
Other--health insurance for uninsured students $596 same

39. Number of credits per term a student can take for the stated full-time tuition:

14 minimum   18 maximum

40. Do tuition and fees vary by year of study (e.g., sophomore, junior, senior)?

_ yes
X no

41. If tuition and fees vary by undergraduate instructional program, describe briefly:    NA

42. Per-credit-hour charges, undergraduate

MSU-Bozeman has a combination of incremental tuition, incremental fees, and flat fees. Some are effective regardless of the number of credits taken, and some are required for students carrying seven or more credits. Therefore, the charge per credit hour varies with the number of credits taken.

Per-credit-hour charge for in-state students:   $65.40 tuition + $22.43-39.25 fees
Per-credit-hour charge for out-of-state students:   $231.00 tuition + $25.23-42.25 fees
Per-credit-hour charge for nonresident aliens:   $231.00 tuition + $30.23-117.25 fees

43. Estimated expenses for academic year

Residents    Commuters
   living at home
   not living at home
Books and supplies $600 $600 $600
Room $1575 $0 $1575
Board $2325 $1950 $2325
Transportation $525 $525 $525
Other expenses $1825 $1825 $1825