Over the life of ADVANCE and our intervention which started in 2012/13, 92 total faculty in STEM/SBS have been hired, of whom 45 (49%) were TT women. Currently, MSU's STEM departments are 28.9% women, and SBS departments are 41.1% women. Overall, MSU faculty is 41.2% women.

Year 1-5 Data

MSU Data

Fall 2015 Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty by Gender Bar Chart | Gender & Rank Fact Sheet
ADVANCE Tool Kit Data


Click on the following link to see an interactive dashboard with faculty data for each college and department: Faculty Diversity Dashboard  

External Data

Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering National Science Foundation
Faculty Distribution Survey of Selected Criteria Oklahoma State University



Note: Gallatin College faculty have a different promotion and tenure process and do not have rank designations, and therefore are not included in the numbers in the bubble charts.