Figure B. The University's Economic Impact on Montana: Fiscal Year 1994

                                         $Millions  % of Total
Expenditures by students                    39.6          53%
Tuition and fees                         8.9
Books and supplies                       1.5
Personal items and transportation        6.3
Food and rent                            6.0
Residents in unique programs*
Tuition and fees                         4.4
Books and supplies                       1.3
Personal items and transportation        5.7
Food and rent                            5.5
Expenditures by the university              31.2          41%
using out-of-state funds
Federal funds
Grants and contracts                    17.0
AES, ES, and land grant funds            3.7
ARS/USDA federal offices                 3.5
Private funds
Grants and contracts                     3.7
Donations to MSU Foundation              3.3
Expenditures by out-of-state visitors        4.7           6%
Visitors of faculty and staff              2.0
Families and friends of
nonresident students                     0.4
Visiting athletic teams                    0.4
Museum of the Rockies visitors             0.9
Alumni event attendees                     0.1
Conference attendees                       0.7
CNFR contestants and families              0.1
Total                                       75.5         100%
Expenditure multiplier                     1.8725
Direct and indirect impact               141.4
* Unique programs include majors in architecture, agriculture,
nonmining engineering, cinematography, photography,
and the WAMI medical program.
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