Appendix A: Task Force Membership:


  • Gordon Brittan, History and Philosophy, Regents' Professor
  • Susan Capalbo, Agricultural Economics and Economics
  • John Carlsten, Physics, Regents' Professor
  • Nancy Dodd, Business
  • David Mogk, Earth Sciences
  • Robert Oakberg, Civil Engineering
Professional Staff

  • Kim Obbink, Outreach and Extension
  • Robert Waters, Student Services
Classified Staff

  • Peggy Smith, Grants and Contracts
Associated Students of MSU

  • E.J. Powell, President, ASMSU
Office of Commissioner of Higher Education

  • Richard Crofts, Deputy Commissioner
Governor's Office

  • Patricia Haffey, Education Policy Advisor

  • Mark Emmert, Chair, Provost and Vice President
  • Robert Swenson, Vice President for Research

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