Approval of the Agreement

To: Board of Regents
From: Jeff Baker
Re: Approval of the Montana State University-Bozeman
Productivity, Quality, and Outcomes Agreement
Date: September 22, 1995

After nearly a year of shared governance discussions at Montana State University-Bozeman, the following documents are presented for your approval: (1) a Statement of Intent; (2) an Executive Summary; and (3) the Montana State University-Bozeman Productivity, Quality, and Outcomes (PQ&O) Agreement (including Appendices A and B).

The Statement of intent acknowledges a long-term commitment from the Governor's Office, the Board of Regents, the Commissioner of Higher Education, and Montana State University-Bozeman to enhance educational quality and efficiency while raising faculty salaries to competitive market levels.

The Executive Summary highlights two overall goals for MSU-Bozeman: (1) Improve access to and the quality of learning for all Montanans, with an estimated increased commitment by the university to undergraduate teaching of 15%; and (2) Support the economic development of Montana through enhanced linkages with and support for the private and public sectors.

The agreement (1) establishes specific goals and objectives identifying areas where the university and its faculty will focus efforts and resources; (2) provides accountability measures that allow Montana citizens to assess the university's success in meeting these goals; (3) concentrates attention on outcomes of the learning process and development of innovative solutions rather than measurement of inputs; and (4) describes how the university plans to implement the proposed changes.

To attain this ambitious agenda, the MSU-Bozeman PQ&O agreement was developed in collaboration with and approved by the MSU Faculty Council. The agreement covers the period from FY 1994 through FY 1999 and includes a proposal for funding faculty salary increases contingent on fulfillment of the productivity, quality, and outcome requirements included in the document. Proposed funding mechanisms for faculty salaries and educational quality enhancements include tuition rate increases, enrollment growth, a new type of faculty appointment, and faculty and administrative efficiencies.

Please note in particular two benchmarks that MSU-Bozeman will use to measure achievement of goals in several areas:

The AY 1993 baseline of 14.3 class credits per instructional FTE for tenured and tenure-track faculty will be used as the benchmark for the 15% increase in undergraduate teaching.

Funded research will increase 15 percent annually, non-compounded, with 1993 as the benchmark. This yearly increase will extend through 1997. Funding targets for 1998-99 will be determined as federal and state fiscal priorities are specified.

I am pleased with the final agreement and appreciate the cooperation of President Malone and the MSU-Bozeman faculty and staff who were involved in the discussions of the past year.

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