Report DCommunity Service Enrollment

Report D is used by the Community Colleges to report their community service enrollment. The criteria that distinguish community college instruction from community service instruction are:

  1. The faculty of the community college has determined that the course has appropriate subject matter which falls within the role of the community college and will be taught at an appropriate level.
  2. A qualified instructor will teach the course.

  3. A written syllabus for the course has been approved by the chief academic officer.

  4. A course outline has been prepared indicating the course objectives and content, textbook (if required) and method of student evaluation.

  5. A formal evaluation of the students is made (grades are given).

  6. Scheduled meeting times are established with attendance expected.

  7. The number of credits awarded for the course is based on accreditation standards.

  8. The fees charged are consistent with the established fee schedule of the college.

Courses that do not meet the above criteria will be considered noncredit community service courses. This report is submitted at the end of each term. If a particular course spans two academic terms, it is to be reported only once.

Community Service Equivalents are derived by dividing the total number of credit hours by 20. Institutions must be able to verify the number of participants and credit hours reported.

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