Data Element Definition Description Codes Data Type MSU Source
STUDENT_CAMPUS Student's campus affiliation and location

University identifies whether the campus where the student applied is a UM campus or an MSU campus.

Main Campus refers to the individual campus where the student applied. 

Student Location indicates the physical location of the applicant - either one of the MUS campuses or off campus taking distance-delivered courses.

3 characters:


Main Campus
F=Great Falls
C=Billings COT
M=UM Missoula
T=College of Technology at Missoula
W=Western Montana College
H=Helena College of Technology
N=Montana Tech
S=College of Technology at Butte

Student Location
Main Campus code or

For example, MVF = Montana State University, Northern, Great Falls campus
VARCHAR2(3) Programmed
ADMIT_TERM Current term Year and term when the student applied.

6 characters:
4-digit year, plus

VARCHAR2(6) saradap_term_code_entry
PIDM Banner internal identifier Applicant's Banner-generated internal identifier, unique within each database. 8-digit number NUMBER(8) saradap_pidm
ID Banner student identifier Applicant's ID number used on campus, unique within each database. 9 characters VARCHAR2(9) spriden_id
MUSIC MUS identifier Applicant's Montana University System Identification C ode, intended to be a unique identifier for each student in the MUS.  If available, the student's Social Security Number is used.  If not, an identifier is created based  on campus and PIDM. 10 characters VARCHAR2(10) SSN or
main campus ID or
main campus code plus campus PIDM
EVENT Data extract type Indicates whether data extract is current (previous day), 15th day, or end of term.

15 characters:

VARCHAR2(15) Programmed
SSN Social Security Number Applicant's Social Security Number. 9 characters VARCHAR2(9) spbpers_ssn
CONF Confidential information Indicates whether applicant has requested that directory information be kept confidential.  Directory information includes name, address, phone, major, class, attendance dates, and degrees awarded. Y or null VARCHAR2(1) spbpers_confid_ind
LAST_NAME Last name Applicant's last name. 60 characters VARCHAR2(60) spriden_last_name
FIRST_NAME First name Applicant's first name. 15 characters


MIDDLE_NAME Middle name Applicant's middle name. 15 characters VARCHAR2(15) spriden_mi
NAME_SUFFIX Name suffix Applicant's name suffix, such as 'Jr' or 'III' 20 characters VARCHAR2(20) spbpers_name_suffix
GENDER Gender Applicant's declared gender. F=Female
N=Not reported
VARCHAR2(1) spbpers_sex
ETHNIC_CODE Ethnicity code Code for applicant's declared race/ethnicity, if reported. Students are not required to report race/ethnicity. 1=White
7 or null=Missing
VARCHAR2(1) substr(spbpers_ethn_code,1,1)
ETHNIC Ethnicity Race/ethnicity description, as above. 30 characters VARCHAR2(30) Programmed as above
TRIBE_CODE Tribal affiliation code Code for regional tribe with which applicant is affiliated, if any.  Tribes are specified by the OCHE for their TRACKS project, which studies the academic progress of Native American students. A=Blackfeet-no reservation
B=Blackfeet-Blackfeet res
C=Crow-no reservation
D=Crow-Crow res
E=Salish-no reservation
F=Salish-Salish/Kootenai res
G=Kootenai-no reservation
H=Kootenai-Salish/Kootenai res
I=Assiniboine-no reservation
J=Assiniboine-Fort Belknap res
K=Gros Ventre-no reservation
L=Gros Ventre-Fort Belknap res
M=Assiniboine-Fort Peck res
N=Sioux-no reservation
O=Sioux-Fort Peck res
P=Northern Cheyenne-no reservation
Q=Northern Cheyenne-Nor Cheyenne res
R=Chippewa-no reservation
S=Chippewa-Rocky Boy res
T=Chippewa-Little Shell band
U=Cree-no reservation
V=Cree-Rocky Boy res
W=Chippewa-Turtle Mountain res
X=Other tribal affilitation
VARCHAR2(1) substr(spbpers_ethn_code,2,1)
TRIBE Tribal affiliation

Tribal affiliation description, as above.

30 characters VARCHAR2(30) stvethn_ethn_desc where
substr(spbpers_ethn_code,2,1) is not null
BIRTH_DATE Birth date Applicant's date of birth. Date DATE spbpers_birth_date
AGE Current age Applicant's current age. 3-digit number NUMBER(3) Calculated from spbpers_birth_date
ADMIT_CODE Admission type code Code indicating the applicant's type of admission. FT=Freshman Traditional
FN=Freshman Non-Trad
FE=Freshman Early Admit
VARCHAR2(2) Crosswalked from saradap_admt_code
ADMIT_DESC Admission type Admission type description, as above. 30 characters VARCHAR2(30) Programmed as above
STU_LEVL Application level Academic level at which student has applied for admission. UG=Undergraduate
FP=First Professional
CE=Continuing Education
VARCHAR2(2) saradap_levl_code
STU_TYPE Student type code Applicant's student type; see codes for further explanation. 0=Undeclared
C=Continuing E=Adult/Continuing Education
N=New First Time
VARCHAR2(1) saradap_styp_code
RESD_STATUS Residency status Applicant's residency status for fee assessment.  In-state  applicants must satisfy residency requirements established by the Board of Regents.  Criteria for WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange) status vary by institution. I=In State
O=Out of State
VARCHAR2(1) saradap_resd_code
COLLEGE Code for college of interest Code for the college within the institution offering the applicant's desired degree. 2 characters; see stvcoll for each campus VARCHAR2(2) saradap_coll_code_1
DEGREE Code for degree of interest Code for the applicant's desired degree. 4 characters; see stvdegc for each campus VARCHAR2(4) saradap_degc_code_1
MAJOR Code for major of interest Code for the applicant's desired major. 4 characters; see stvmajr for each campus VARCHAR2(4) saradap_majr_code_1
MAJOR_DESC Major of interest Name of the desired major. 30 characters VARCHAR2(30) stvmajr_desc
APP_DATE Application date Date application was received by the institution. Date DATE saradap_appl_date
ADMIT_STATUS Admission status code Code indicating whether or not applicant was granted admission. Y or null VARCHAR2(1) Y where
AR_INDICATOR Fee payment status code Code indicating whether student paid tuition and fees Y=Yes
VARCHAR2(1) sfbetrm_ar_ind
ENROLLED Enrollment status code Code indicating whether student enrolled in state-funded courses Y or null VARCHAR2(1) Y where
sum(sfrstcr_credit_hr)>0 where
stvrsts_incl_sect_enrl='Y' and
ssbsect_tuiw_ind is null or 'N'