Data Element Definition Description Codes Data Type MSU Source
STUDENT_CAMPUS Student's campus affiliation and location

University identifies whether the campus where the student is enrolled is a UM campus or an MSU campus.

Main Campus refers to the individual campus where the student is enrolled.

Student Location indicates the physical location of the student - either one of the MUS campuses or off campus taking distance-delivered courses.

3 characters:


Main Campus
F=Great Falls
C=Billings COT
M=UM Missoula
T=College of Technology at Missoula
W=Western Montana College
H=Helena College of Technology
N=Montana Tech
S=College of Technology at Butte

Student Location
Main Campus code or

For example, MVF = Montana State University, Northern, Great Falls campus


TERM Current term The year and term during which the student is enrolled. 6 characters:
4-digit year, plus
VARCHAR2(6) sfrstcr_term_code
PIDM Banner internal identifier The Banner-generated unique identifier for the student.  PIDM is unique in each database. 8-digit number NUMBER(8) sfrstcr_pidm
ID Banner student identifier Student identifier used by the campus.  ID is unique in each database. 9 characters VARCHAR2(9) spriden_id
MUSIC MUS identification code MUS Identification Code.  If available, the student's Social Security Number is used.  If not, an identifier is created based  on campus and PIDM.  MUSIC is intended to be a unique code for each student in the MUS. 10 characters VARCHAR2(10) SSN or
main campus ID or
main campus code plus campus PIDM
EVENT Data extract type Indicates whether data extract is current (previous day), 15th day, or end of term. 15 characters:
VARCHAR2(15) Programmed
COURSE_CAMPUS Location of course

Indicates where the course is taught.  

Main campus indicates the MUS campus offering the course. 

Student Location indicates where the student takes the course - either one of the MUS campuses or off campus taking distance-delivered courses.

Delivery Mode indicates how instruction is delivered to the student.

3 characters:

Main Campus

Student Location
Main Campus code or
D= distance

Delivery Mode
F=Face to Face
V=Interactive Video

VARCHAR2(3) Programmed
COURSE_TYPE Course type Indicates whether the course is state funded and included in the campus FTE calculation, offered through Continuing Education and not included as part of the FTE, or neither (e.g., credits carried by students auditing classes.) S=Statefunded
C=Continuing ed
O= Other
VARCHAR2(1) Programmed
CRN Course registration number Banner-generated number for a course section. 5 characters VARCHAR2(5) sfrstcr_crn
SUBJ_CODE Subject code Subject area code for the course--e.g., BIOL indicates a biology course on some campuses. Varies by campus; see stvsubj for each campus VARCHAR2(4) ssbsect_subj_code
COURSE_NUMBER Course number Course number--e.g., 101. Varies by campus; up to five digits and/or characters VARCHAR2(5) ssbsect_crse_numb
SECTION_NUMBER Section number Sequence number of the section of the course. Varies by campus; up to three digits and/or characters VARCHAR2(3) ssbsect_seq_numb
COURSE_TITLE Course title Title of the course. 30 characters VARCHAR2(30) ssbsect_crse_title;
if null, scbcrse_title
CIP CIP code CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code associated with the subject area code.  CIP codes are developed by the National Center for Education Statistics and standardized for MSU by OCHE. 6 characters; see stvcipc VARCHAR2(6) scbcrse_cipc_code
COURSE_CREDITS Course credits The credits given for the course and its subsections. Varies by campus; 4-digit number (2 decimals) NUMBER(4,2) sfrstcr_credit_hrs
CREDIT_LEVL Level of student's credit The level of credit for which the student is taking the course.  For example, a graduate student may be taking an undergraduate-level course for graduate credit. UG=Undergraduate
CE=Continuing Ed
VARCHAR2(2) sfrstcr_levl_code
LATE_START Course started after 15th class day Course started after 15th class day; credits can be included in Report C addendum. Y or null VARCHAR2(1) Programmed
GRADE Final grade The grade assigned by the course instructor at the end of the term. Varies by campus VARCHAR2(3) shrtckg_grde_code_final where