The Recommendations sub-committee reviewed the results from the service provider survey and service customer survey provided by the Information Gathering team to identify and rank the biggest pain points in order to focus first on the biggest issues. Each member of the Recommendations sub-committee reviewed and interpreted the survey results independently, then the independent rankings were categorized and synthesized into a single set:

Please refer to survey overviews for more detailed information on the issues listed here.

HORIZONTAL (most notable issues that cut across the organization)

  • Paper-based processes, redundancy/duplication, lack of integration, manual processing, overall processes
  • Overwhelmed staff miss details
  • Lack of customer service and individualized attention
  • Lack of communication, coordination, training
  • Central-distributed model
  • Funding and prioritization
  • Compensation
  • Lack of IT resources, governance and vision

VERTICAL (functional areas of the organization where improvements would be most widely felt)

  • HR
  • Finance
  • Purchasing
  • IT

PROCESSES (processes that most notably encounter the issues as work flows through the organization)

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Banner payment
  • Purchasing