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Executive Sponsorship

Waded Cruzado, MSU President
Martha Potvin, Provost
Terry Leist, VP Admin & Finance

Program Management Office

Lindsey Jackson, Project Manager
Tel: 406-994-4810


Recommendations Phase


The purpose of the Recommendations phase is to sort through the issues and potential solutions compiled in the Discovery phase and prepare a priority list of proposals for the steering committee, executive sponsor, and ultimately campus communities to consider. Final decisions will be made by the executive sponsor and president.


The Recommendations phase sub-committee is responsible for:

  1. Evaluating existing data.
  2. Identifying highest priority issues.
  3. Eliciting proposed solutions from Subject Matter Experts across the university.
  4. Developing a standard format to summarize proposals.
  5. Creating a model to prioritize issues and solutions.
  6. Recommending proposed solutions to the steering committee in order of priority.