Montana State University

Executive Sponsorship

Waded Cruzado, MSU President
Martha Potvin, Provost
Terry Leist, VP Admin & Finance

Program Management Office

Lindsey Jackson, Project Manager
Tel: 406-994-4810


Information Gathering

The Information Gathering team is led by Daniel Adams with Institutional Audit and Advisory Services. It has conducted and compiled the results of the service provider satisfaction survey and service customer satisfaction survey that the Recommendations sub-committee is using to identify biggest pain points and inform solutions and prioritization (see Findings).

The Information Gathering team continues to work with functional areas across the university to generate data that informs the OpenMSU initiative. Past, present, and future information gathering activities and data sources include:

  • Surveys
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Functional Activity Analysis
  • BPA Process Analysis
  • Training Analysis
  • Turnover Analysis