COI Training is required every 4 years per Public Health Service (PHS) guidelines, including NIH, for Investigators. An “Investigator” is the project director or principal investigator and any other person, regardless of title or position, who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of PHS-funded research or proposals for such funding. Therefore, the regulations can apply to collaborators, consultants, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and others. And, this applies to both the awardee institution and any subrecipient organizations. CITI COI Training must be completed by all Investigators prior to starting the funded research.

Certain non-PHS agencies have chosen to comply with PHS regulations. This COI Training is also required for awards from those agencies.

See the list of all PHS Agencies and Non-PHS Agencies that comply with PHS Regulations.


CITI COI Course Modules

Required Modules - Quizzes must be passed at 80%:

  1. CITI Conflict of Interest Course - Introduction
  2. Conflicts of Commitment and Conscience
  3. Financial Conflicts of Interest: Overview, Investigator Responsibilities, and COI Rules
  4. Institutional Responsibilities as They Affect Investigators
  5. Conflicts of Interest Institution-Specific Policies 

Optional Module:

  • Institutional Conflicts of Interest 


CITI COI Enrollment Instructions

1. Enroll for CITI if not already – see First Time Instructions for assistance. Be sure to register as a Montana State University user.

2. Login to your account at and navigate to the Main Menu.

3. Under “My Learner Tools for Montana State University, choose “Add a Course or Update Learner Groups.”Add A Course

4. Under Question 6, choose Yes.

CITI conflict of interest screenshot

5. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. 

6. Back in your Main Menu, select the Conflicts of Interest Course from your custom, alphabetically sorted Montana State University Courses list.

COI Course in Main Menu List Screenshot

7. Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement and begin your modules. All required modules must be completed in order to obtain a CITI certificate and to complete your COI Training, required every 4 years.  


*For additional assistance see CITI’s Guide To Enroll in a Course or Guide to CITI Navigation