1. Navigate to Register for CITI if not already enrolled – see First Time Instructions for assistance (Be sure to register as a Montana State University user). Otherwise, login to your account and navigate to the Main Menu.

CITI Homepage


2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Main Menu. Under “My Learner Tools for Montana State University," choose “Add a Course or Update Learner Groups.”

Add A Course

3. You do not need to answer all the questions - they are not required unless you want to display other relevant courses to take. However, under Question 5, make your RCR Course Selection. Choose one of the top five choices and select the option that best represents the field you are researching. These courses contain the same core RCR curriculum. 

Question 5

5. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. 

6. Back in your Main Menu, select the RCR Course you chose. Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement and begin your modules. All required modules must be completed in order to obtain a CITI certificate.


Please Note: It typically takes at least 3 hours to complete all required modules in any RCR course, but you can stop and start without losing your progress for all completed module quizzes. RCR Training Certificates are valid for 3 years, and then the course should be repeated for a refresher. For additional assistance, see CITI’s Guide To Enroll in a CourseGuide to CITI Navigation, or contact ORC personnel listed in the left side nav.