Research Compliance Committee

The Research Compliance Committee is responsible for designing, implementing, and overseeing a Research Compliance Program at MSU. The program will include the elements of an effective compliance program,* generally identified as the following:

  1. Standards and policies and procedures to be followed by employees with research-related responsibilities.
  2. Effective, high-level oversight to assure overall compliance with the standards and procedures.
  3. Systems designed to assure that employees with compliance responsibility have the character and background to foster effective compliance.
  4. Effective communication of compliance roles and responsibilities to all employees with responsibilities for research-related activities through training and other dissemination of information in understandable language.
  5. Effective systems of compliance monitoring, reporting and auditing.
  6. Consistent enforcement of the standards and procedures with appropriate consequences for violations, including discipline and remediation.

The Committee shall be composed of five members appointed by the President, including: the Vice-President of Research, who will act as Chair: a dean of a college with significant research responsibilities; a faculty member or administrator with a background conducive to supporting compliance program; a faculty member with substantial research experience; and another member chose in the discretion of the President.

In carrying out its charge, the Committee will draw upon the resources of the Office of Legal Counsel and Human Resources/Affirmative Action which Offices shall each supply and ex-officio member.

*The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission), the Guidelines of the National Institutes of Health Office of the Inspector General, and COGR (Council on Government Relations) provide guidance on effective compliance programs.

Chair Renee Reijo-Pera Vice President for Research
Member Leslie Schmidt Assistant VPR
Member Lee Spangler Associate VPR
Member Nicol Rae Dean of Letters & Science
Member Glenn Duff Interim Dean of Agriculture
Member Susan Dana Associate Dean of Business
Member Anne Camper Associate Dean of Engineering
Member Randy Babbit Physics
Member Jovanka Voyich-Kane Microbiology & Immunology
Member Dennis Defa Director Human Resources
Alternate Member Deborah Barkley Human Resources
Member Becky Mahurin Director, Technology Transfer Office
Member Sandy Sward Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
Member Daniel Adams Director, Audit & Advisory Services
Member Chris Catlett Interim Director, Safety & Risk
Member Justin Cook Director Office of Research Compliance