IACUC Protocol Review Process

Protocols are reviewed by the full IACUC at each monthly meeting. The committee Chair or chosen designee selects a committee member (Primary Reviewer) to take responsibility for presenting the protocol at the full committee meeting. Protocols are sent to all members at least one week before the meeting so each member has time to complete their reviews before full committee meeting. Ths Primary Reviewer is responsible for contacting the Investigator prior to the meeting if clarifications are required in the protocol. The Veterinarian and the Chair also perfom a "pre-review" prior to distributing the protocols to the IACUC. Protocols require approval by a quorum of the full committee. Modifications to existing protocols are handled in the same manner as a new protocol. If a member has a real or perceived conflict of interest, they may not contribute to the quorum for the vote on that project.

The IACUC may review and approve, require modification to secure approval, or withhold approval. If modifications are required to secure approval, the IACUC uses a designated member review process(DMR). All members, through the review and approval of this policy, have agreed in writing, that the quorum of members present at a convened meeting may decide by unanimous vote to use DMR subsequent to full committee review when modification is needed to secure approval. Any member of the IACUC may, at any time, request to see the revised protocol and/or request a full committee review of the protocol.

For the DMR process, questions that are posed at the full committee meeting are submitted to the Investigator in writing. The DMR consists of a subcommittee that includes the Primary Reviewer, the Attending Veterinarian, and the IACUC Chair. Identical versions of the responses are submitted to each member in writing. If this designated member subcommittee unanimously approves the revised protocol, it is added to the protocol database and final approval is granted. The Investigator is notified in writing and the approval date is the date of the final subcommittee approval. If one or more subcommittee member(s) are not satisfied with the response, it returns to the full committee a the next scheduled meeting.

All protocols expire three years from the date of approval. The IACUC does not have the authority to administratively extend approval beyond that three year date.