Radiation Safety Committee


The MSU Radiation Safety Committee (RSC):

  • Ensures that all University activities requiring the use of radiation producing devices or radioactive materials are performed within specific regulatory standards and the particular conditions of its broad-scope byproduct materials license
  • Sets policy which will be coordinated through the Radiation Safety Office
  • Performs reviews of routine applications involving radioactive material or radiation use
  • Ensures that exposure to radioactive material or radiation producing equipment are maintained at levels as low as reasonably achievable
  • Reviews activities performed by the Radiation Safety Office
  • Prepares and maintains all Committee business
  • Participates in search and selection of candidates for positions of Radiation Safety Officer and ancillary radiation safety support staff


At least quarterly, but as often as necessary to consider all aspects pertinent to radiation safety


Voting Members: All members including the Director of the Office of Research Compliance
Ex Officio Members: Radiation Safety Officer, Director of Safety and Risk Management


Radiation Safety Guidelines - Safety & Risk Management