The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative program, also known as the CITI program, is based at the University of Miami in Florida. The mission of the program is "to promote the public's trust in the research enterprise by providing high quality, peer reviewed, web based, research education materials to enhance the integrity and professionalism of investigators and staff conducting research."


Who Can Enroll in the CITI Program? 

MSU has a subscription to the CITI program, so students, faculty, and staff can enroll in any courses available through the program. 

Are these Courses Required for Graduate Students?

At this time, CITI training courses are required for graduate students only when they are working on specific research projects in order to comply with state and federal guidelines. This is often related to a federal grant and/or involves work that requires protocols relating to responsible conduct of research, human subjects, animals, biosafety, or radiation. The PI should let students know what courses they need to take.

What Courses are Offered Through the CITI Program?

The CITI program course offerings include a number of areas that are usually regulated. Some of these courses also cover the ethics that occur in many of these areas. Several of the courses offered include:

  • Animal Care and Use
  • Biosafety and Security
  • Export Compliance
  • Human Subjects Research
  • And More....

For the full list of courses that are offered, please click here.

How can I see what new courses CITI is offering? 

Refer to the CITI News and Events webpage. New modules and courses are announced there.