Please register at least 1 week in advance by sending an email to the Biosafety Officer: Ryan Bartlett,, (406) 994-6733

Other Options: This training is also offered in three parts from CITI: Biosafety for BSL1 and BSL2 Laboratories, NIH Recombinant DNA, and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens.

Description This training covers the following topics:  General laboratory biosafety (bioagents, risk groups, biosafety principles, biocontainment, etc.), IBC oversight, NIH guidelines for recombinant DNA, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, and prevention of laboratory-acquired infections.
Completion Information Upon completion of this training attendees will be authorized to use biohazardous materials in the labroatory.
Protocol Requirement Yes
Valid for 3 Years
Duration 1 Hour
Course Materials No materials are required for this training.
Training Outcome

At the conclusion of the training attendees will be know: 

  • NIH guidelines for recombinant DNA
  • OSHA bloodborne pathogen standard
  • Biosafety research compliance
  • Correct use of PPE
  • Principles of biosafety
  • Biosafety lab signs
  • Decontamination procedure
  • Biohazard waste disposal process
  • How to deal with sharps
  • Proper transport procedures for biological agents
  • Common sources of laboratory acquired infections
  • Techniques for controlling exposure and contamination

For questions regarding Biosafety, contact the Biosafety Officer: Ryan Bartlett,, (406) 994-6733

For questions regarding Chemical Safety, see