Note:This training is offered online by CITI

ARC Orientation is required in addition to this training

Description This training contains 9 modules covering topics such as: IACUC, federal regulations, planing research, procedures, welfare of personnel and animals, amendments to the Animal Use Protocol, and reporting animal use concerns. An average score of 80% is needed to pass the training.
Completion Information

Upon completion of this training attendees will be authorized to work with animals in research setting.

Valid for

3 years

Duration About 2 hours
Course Materials No materials are required.
Training Outcome

At the conclusion of the training attendees will know: 

  • How to work with IACUC
  • Basic knowledge of IACUC responsibilities
  • Applicable Federal Laws, Policies, and Guidelines relating to Animal Research
  • How to Plan for Animal Research
  • How to complete the Animal Research Protocol Form
  • Procedures relating to Surgery, Antibody Production, and Blood Collection
  • Maintaining human and animal welfare in the lab setting
  • Amendments to the Approved Animal Use Protocol
  • How to Report Animal Use Concerns