Training is on D2L and is available by Request

Description This online training through D2L covers the basic fundamentals of radiation and radiation safety specifically to the use of sealed Ni-63 sources contained within electron capture devices, as well as MSU's rules governing the use of these devices.
Completion Information

Watching a video will release a quiz for which a 80% or higher score is required. Training certificates are available upon request. The Principle Investigator must submit an amendment to add attendees as authorized users to their protocol prior to starting work with the Ni-63 electron capture device.

Valid for  3 years
Duration Less than 1 Hour
Course Materials None, completely online
Training Outcome

At the conclusion of the training attendees will understand the following in regards to radiation safety: 

  • Radiation Basics
  • Characteristics of Radiation

  • Radiation Regulations

  • Radiation Hazard Prevention

  • Radioactive Material Use

  • Radioactive Waste

  • Emergencies

  • Inspections