FOOTsteps 2018 was a huge success! See below for a video and print coverage of the program.


"MSU’s first-year outdoor orientation program blends backcountry with new beginnings"

FOOTsteps: First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trips- $350

The Montana State University Outdoor Recreation Program is proud to announce a brand new offering for 2018, the First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trips (FOOTsteps) program. This is catered specifically to incoming students and is designed to be an incredible community-building outdoor experience. Groups are purposely kept small: groups are made up of no more than eight plus 2-3 trip leaders. This is an amazing opportunity to meet fellow incoming students and interact with your new home! 

No experience is necessary to participate in a FOOTsteps trip. No matter what outdoor background you have, we encourage you to register. All you need is a positive attitude and a healthy level of fitness. Throughout the trip, you will be introduced to both wilderness travel and the approaching college environment, both within the context of a fun and challenging group experience. All FOOTsteps trip leaders are students too and they will share some ways in which to maximize your MSU and Bozeman experience. Every trip option includes all food, transportation, and gear. 

All FOOTsteps participants will arrive the morning of Friday, August 17 to move-in early into their residence halls. That afternoon we will head to Hyalite Canyon to camp together, and then on Saturday, each group will split off to begin their trip! We will come back together as a group to celebrate with all 40 participants and trip leaders at a closing BBQ on the evening of August 21st. We will then return to campus the morning of August 22 for all the regularly scheduled orientation activities. 

Scholarships are available for all of these programs, please submit an application via the following link:

2018 Program Offerings

FOOTsteps Backpacking Aug 17-22

Each backpacking FOOTsteps trip (there will be two groups of 8) will have an amazing opportunity to work together as a team while traveling through remote areas of the Gallatin National Forest South of Bozeman. You can expect breathtaking views and plenty of time to connect with new friends as well as perfect your backcountry camping skills. Backpacking groups will be completely self-sufficient for four days, so participants should be prepared to carry a backpack of up to 35 lbs over uneven terrain. You'll learn how to travel and camp responsibly in the backcountry and try for some summit attempts of some of the iconic local peaks in the region. You'll have plenty of time for trail games and gourmet backcountry cooking!

FOOTsteps Canoe Camping on the Missouri Headwaters Aug 17-22

The FOOTsteps canoe camping trip will head to the Upper Missouri River and follow in the footsteps and paddlestrokes of Lewis and Clark. Canoe camping allows you to access remote terrain without carrying everything for camp on your back! You'll eat well and enjoy lots of on and off water games and opportunities for reflection. Canoes also create a great opportunity to connect with someone over a long day of paddling together, and they demand some serious teamwork! You can expect to see lots of wildlife and there will be an opportunity for side hikes to stretch your legs during the day. You'll learn how to travel and camp responsibly in an important and historic river corridor.

FOOTsteps Glacier National Park Basecamp multi-sport Aug 17-22 

Enjoy a sample of what Glacier National Park and the surrounding area has to offer with this multi-sport adventure. Each day, you will have the opportunity to see some of the most iconic areas in the park as well as explore some hidden gems. Activities will vary depending on weather and the interests of the group, but day hikes will be the primary way to explore the park.

FOOTsteps Yellowstone National Park Basecamp multi-sport Aug 17-22

Enjoy the best of what Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area has to offer with this multi-sport adventure. Your days will be filled with hiking, rock climbing, rafting on the Yellowstone River, and a day spent exploring the thermal pools around Mammoth Hot Spring. A true multi-sport experience! You'll be car-camping, so you'll have plenty of energy for the big adventure!