Fall 2019

 Wilderness First Aid Course, October 26-27, 2019:

Wilderness First Aid is a nationally recognized course designed to equip outdoor adventurers with the knowledge and skills to manage medical emergancies in the backcountry. Students will receive a certification from SOLO Schools, https://www.soloschools.com/

Spring 2020

ACT 391 – Special Topics: Wilderness First Responder, 2-credits (Tentative-Full Course catalogue will be published Oct. 15, 2019)


Course Description: Wilderness First Responder covers the fundamentals of emergency care in a non-urban environment, including physiology, injury assessment, short term and long-term care, anatomy, and small group rescues. Wilderness First Responder is a nationally recognized standard for wilderness medicine for outdoor industry professionals in the United State.

Class Title:

ACT 391 Special Topics: Wilderness First Responder

Class Beginning:

January 4, 2020

Class Ending:

January 11,2020

Class Meeting


Classroom Sessions: 


There is an attendance policy regarding the classroom and field sessions, be sure to check the syllabus to make sure you meet these requirements to pass this course.



Classroom sites: TBD

Field Site: TBD

*Locations subject to change


Instructor: Ty Atwater

Ty is the director of MSU’s Outdoor Recreation Program.



Any necessary equipment students provide:

  • Clothing and footwear to be outside in a variety of inclement weather conditions
  • Headlamp
  • Day trip sized backpack

Transportation on field day: transportation is provided and group meets at Outdoor Recreation Center for departure.


*Course fees will be used to cover costs of field supplies, equipment and related travel expenses.


For more information on these ACT courses contact:

Outdoor Rec. Director: Ty Atwater at Ty.atwater@montana.edu or assistant director Dan Sandberg at Daniel.sandberg@montana.edu


ACT Lead Coordinator: Abbey Holm at abbey.holm@montana.edu