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Orientation Staff Advice

Admissions Representatives

Joining a student group is a great way to get involved on campus. Whether it is as an AdvoCat or in one of the other groups on campus, getting involved is the way to enhance a student's experience.

- Admissions Representatives (406) 994-2452

Bonnie Ashley

Encourage your student to ask questions...There are no stupid questions in the Registrar's Office.

- Bonnie AshleyRegistrar
(406) 994-2603

Carina Beck

Encourage your student to start building their success plan early with their Student Success Advisor. They will be set up with FREE tutoring, tips on how to be successful in college (we know college is different than high school), time management strategies and a personal connection on campus with people who care! Stop in to SUB 177 as soon as they get to campus, or call us at 994-ROAR (7627) to schedule an appointment.

- Dr. Carina BeckDirector, Office of Student Success
(406) 994-7627

Jeff Bondy

Take an active role in getting the most out of your MSU experience.

- Jeff BondyAssociate Director, Residence Life
(406) 994-2661

Tammie Brown

Stay in contact with the university. We are great partners in your student's journey through Higher Education.

- Tammie BrownCHO/Director, Residence Life
(406) 994-2661

I hope all of you attend Parent and Family Weekend! And, consider reading Karen Coburn's wonderful book, "Letting go: A parent's guide to understanding the college years. This book has helped many, many parents to better understand the issues their students confront as incoming college students.

- Matt Caires Dean of Students
(406) 994-2826

Diane Donnelly

The Academic Advising Center can help any student with core classes, possible minors or ideas on how to 'add value' to their degree. Those students who decide their first declared
major is not a good fit can work with advisors in the Academic Advising Center to take useful courses while exploring other major options.

- Diane DonnellyDirector, Academic Advising Center/University Studies
(406) 994-3532

The MSU Bookstore is student-owned and here to serve you. Please come in and ask any and all of your questions. We're happy to help!

- Mark Frisby MSU Bookstore, Inc.
(406) 994-5841

Brett Gunnink

Communicate with your students...Ask in-depth questions.

- Brett GunninkCivil Engineering Department Head
(406) 994-2111

Kerry Hanson

Twenty-four years ago, my Mom told me to get involved in MSU college life and to try things I never thought I would. She let me know I would make some mistakes along the way, but that would be okay, because 98% would be amazing experiences. She was right! Encourage students to get involved, find their place - join a fraternity or sorority, become an AdvoCat or Orientation Leader, be an active member of their Residence Hall Association - whatever it is - DO something! Say YES! Involved students lead to proud and engaged Montana State Alumni!

- Kerry HansonDirector of Alumni Relations
(406) 994-7620

Mark Lachapelle

Encourage your kids to lock up and protect their personal belongings. They should be sure to lock their bikes, cars, computers and rooms.

- Mark LachapelleAssistant Chief of Police
(406) 994-6210

Dr. Ilse-Mari Lee

Thank you for entrusting your sons and daughters to the staff and faculty at MSU! Please know that your student's well-being is of paramount importance to us. Do not hesitate to call or e-mail if we can be of assistance to you or to your student.

- Dr. Ilse-Mari LeeDirector, University Honors Program
(406) 994-4689

Erin MP

Recommend to your students they take advantage of all MSU events the week before school starts, including Catapalooza, Convocation, Move-In day and Fraternity & Sorority Recruitment to name a few.

Work with us to help your son or daughter create the success and experience that they want at MSU. Consider joining the Parent & Family Association, attending Parent & Family Weekend, signing up for our Family eNewsletter, contacting us via email, or calling our parent hotline (406-994-7395)!

- Erin Macdonald PeckAssistant Dean of Students
(406) 994-2826

Erin McCormick

Do an internship! Your student must do an internship or research experience while at MSU. They can begin searching for student employment and internship opportunities this summer on Additionally, your student should plan to attend the Student Employment Job Fair on September 10th in the SUB Ballrooms.Working is a great way to build their resume and reduce the cost of attendance for their education.

- Erin McCormickAssistant Director, Career and Internship Services
(406) 994-4353

Ronda Russell

Thanks for joining the MSU Family! Your student's success at Montana State is very important to us. Encourage your son/daughter to get involved on campus (remember back to high school - it always seemed that the happiest high school students were those who were the busiest/most engaged) - MSU is no different. Also, please tell your daughter/son be sure to get to know their professors and the staff at MSU. We are all real people and we're here for them. Welcome to Montana State!

- Ronda RussellDirector of Admissions
(406) 994-2452

Make sure you sign up for Bobcat Bulletin, MSU's weekly e-newsletter. The stories and events highlighted in the bulletin will be great conversation starters with your student - you might even impress them with how much you know about their University!

- Chelsea SchmidtCommunity Relations, University Communications
(406) 994-4571

Tom Stump

There are many opportunities for student employment in Auxiliary Services, and they are flexible with schedules.

- Tom StumpDirector of Auxiliary Services
(406) 994-2661

Kathy Tanner

We are all so much more than what we study in college and the career we choose to pursue. The university experience is also the time in our lives when we really start to understand who we are, what we value and how we want to make a difference in the world. Many students come to better understand themselves by engaging with peers, faculty, staff and community members outside of the classroom. Pursuing interests and passions both on campus and in the community can be personally and professionally enlightening for your student! Our office staff will gladly help your student find a club they can connect with on campus or a non-profit organization in the community that can really use their skills and talents... it's all about making connections that are win-win connections for everyone involved. Thank you for trusting us to assist your student through this amazing time in their lives!

- Kathy TannerDirector, Office of Activities and Engagement
(406) 994-6902

Brenda Truman

We are excited to partner with our MSU families and want to ensure that communication is a 2-way street. Let us know how we're doing and stay in touch to newsletters, deadlines and announcements that we send out. Encourage your student to get engaged with the MSU community and be a part of something bigger than themselves! Go Cats!

- James TobinAssistant Director of Residence Life
(406) 994-2661

Brenda Truman

Encourage your students to get to know their faculty. Suggest they stay after class or go to their professor's office and a strike up a conversation with him or her. They won't regret it!

- Brenda TrumanAssistant Director of Student Services, College of Business
(406) 994-4683