While a number of scholarships are available from third-parties online, in your town, and at state levels, we recommend that students consider applying for scholarships in their home department. These scholarships are generally due in January or February and usually require Fall 2011 grades. Even if your student does not have a 4.0 GPA, is not a senior, or even declared in a degree program, he or she may still be eligible for funding!

Although deadlines will flux from year to year and from college to college, students will generally be applying for scholarships between fall and spring semester for the following award year. This means colleges generally have deadlines from Janurary 15th - February 15th.

Students may be able to apply for scholarships based on both a major and a minor. Even if your student does not have a flawless transcript, we encourage your students to apply for these scholarships. As students are in the search for additional financial awards, we strongly believe that a well rounded student - a student who excels both in and out of the classroom - competes well for these awards.

All money raised by the Parent & Family Association for scholarships are routed through the invidividual colleges as well as the Student Activities Office.

Scholarships by Academic Department

Other Scholarships (Generally for First Year)